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Thursday, August 28, 2008

So So

Here I am again. Life as a single girl is fast coming back and I can't beleive the ease with which I am rolling in it. The Conference must be overwhelming me. Met a few guys I was just sending out my numbers, anything to make me feel better.

I met a guy whom I attended his Bachelor's eve party and he wanted my number too! Guys sha! Anyways it was fun as I enjoyed reminding him where he knew me from. That was really good.

Met another guy who has a girlfriend but is massively attracted to me! He literally stopped in his tracks when he sighted me, I was on high. That is really good for my physche right now. He even asked me if I minded him having a girlfriend. Imagine? I know that won't be happening anytime!

Its all fun though. I must say I miss my ex but its all for the best it wasn't working so.......

Saw lots of friends as well it was really more like a big reunion than a Conference I am so glad I attended.

Speaking of which my boss hasn't said anything about my vacation. But then I won't feel any guilt if I take off as they haven't paid me in 2months!

I had a severe case of food poisoning yesterday I was so scared. Thought I would have to go back to the hospital the last one almost killed me! I spent weeks int the hospital, I am just still recovering, still don't have my whole body weight back and now this?

I have to be more careful but then I aways feel the need for snacks what's a girl to do?

Gotta go anyways looks like I ran out of stories but I have to say single ins't a bad place to be for the moment!


Vera Ezimora said...


A guy whose bachelor's eve you attended asked for your number?? Yikes!

Can't say I'm surprised anyway. I usually get married men so what da heck... lol.

Buttercup said...

nawa o! ooooooooooooooo its ish like this that makes me wonder if i shud get married!! y wud my fiance ask for another girl's number?? GOSH!!!

sorry bout the food poisonin..

Anonymous said...

na wa o...babe u must be the hot thing o...

H2O-works said...

hmmm u seem to be a show stopper oo..wit all these guys tryna holla..anyways beware of them wolves oo..and sorry bout the food poisoning...btw I tagged u in a post, so please check it out...

wellsbaba said...

ma first tym here,chari directed me here hope u luv blogville o! ehn ehn som1 u attended his bach eve ask4ur numba???mayb ur jumpin2conclusion sha,mayb he jsts want2teach u biology?

LusciousRon said...

Hi all,Sorry this is coming late i am overloaded with work.
Vera: na so I see am o!
Buttercup: Thanks jare I just wish my boobs will come back to its full size.
Chari: I really wish I was that Hot!
h2o: I will check out the post
wellsbaba: Thanks I already learnt enough biology to get me my 5 credits.
Thanks for all the love and concerns. I do love blogsville.