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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

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I feel like I am losing myself. Where is the happy-smiling-funky-I-don't-give-a-hoot me? I see myself daily as a gloomy-bad-tempered-annoying lady! The week wasn't meant to go like this. I was really rude to my boss yesterday even though I am supposed to respect him, thank God I wasn't given a query. He insulted me & I reacted. We apologised to each other today though.

I wan't to go for a holiday but my personnel manager is playing Oga madam for me! She is making me simmer and before I blow my top I have to cool down. I know I will abscond. I will face the music when I return. I am asking for 3wks she is talking of 2 days what kind of money-wasting trip is that?

I am just starting work o! I was really bad-tempered with some of my colleagues today but like my boss they had it coming. I won't be taking silly comments. When you give people a leeway they tend to over-step their boundaries! Did I say boundary? Some people just don't know the word exists!

Still having a tiff with my honeybunny. Maybe that is why I am depressed but I never used to be this way, he is simply driving me up the wall. I really need that break. Just to be away from everything for a few days will be bliss.

I am also becoming an insomniac! Right now I am exhausted & i need to sleep but my mind is so worked up I have an headache the size of Mount Everest. Anyways I think I have unburdened myself enough for one night.

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ManCee said...

Something I do...

A mix of visualization, positive thoughts and reinforcement; I call it 'airing my mind'. I imagine opening the doors and windows to my mind for cross ventilation and let the breeze carry the yama yama away.

When I feel I'm thinking too much, I do a technique I 'invented' which I call a thought-loop. Simple technique. I tell myself to think about nothing, then ask myself to think about that, THEN ask myself what I'm thinking about...the answer? I'm thinking about what i'm thinking about which is that I'm thinking about what I'm thinking about which is that i'm thinking about what i'm thinking about etc etc.

Those two help. I'm still here today as proof and almost everyone just luvs me.