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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mini Update

Hi loves! How is everyone doing? I am fine. I feel very guilty that I didn't blog in my birth month April. I have been all over and busy too.

My exams start on Tuesday, forgive me if I have been shirking my duties *wink*

I am stuck that's why I am writing this mini update. Things are good. I have so many things to blog about but they are all in my head and I simply can't put them down until after my exams.

I am back to my hermit mode. I never leave my house during exams prep. I hardly venture into the kitchen too. If it doesn't come in a packet I ain't eating. Why waste time in the kitchen? It shall pass soon though.

I was in Geneva for my birthday. That place is f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s. Deets when I blog properly! I was also in London and got caught in the volcanic ash! I was stuck there for 3 days before I dipped into my very scarce resources and purchased a business class ticket on the Eurostar to return to Paris. I am still very miffed about that! All the tickets were sold out!

Oh so many things to talk about and do! Happy new month people. My apartment block caught fire on Easter Sunday! My God, it was an inferno. Thank God no one was hurt. It was a totally crazy experience. It feels surreal now though.
I also went for a check up in the beginning of April and was told I have a heart murmur. Got to check that out too. Told you there is a lot going down.

Too many happenings. Anyhoos I need to go rest my brain for a minute. See you after the 13th.

Then I shall be F.R.E.E. until hell begins in the form of my dissertation. Can't wait. Have a fab weekend and week. A bientot!

BTW: Forgive the typos, no time to proofread.