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Thursday, August 28, 2008

So So

Here I am again. Life as a single girl is fast coming back and I can't beleive the ease with which I am rolling in it. The Conference must be overwhelming me. Met a few guys I was just sending out my numbers, anything to make me feel better.

I met a guy whom I attended his Bachelor's eve party and he wanted my number too! Guys sha! Anyways it was fun as I enjoyed reminding him where he knew me from. That was really good.

Met another guy who has a girlfriend but is massively attracted to me! He literally stopped in his tracks when he sighted me, I was on high. That is really good for my physche right now. He even asked me if I minded him having a girlfriend. Imagine? I know that won't be happening anytime!

Its all fun though. I must say I miss my ex but its all for the best it wasn't working so.......

Saw lots of friends as well it was really more like a big reunion than a Conference I am so glad I attended.

Speaking of which my boss hasn't said anything about my vacation. But then I won't feel any guilt if I take off as they haven't paid me in 2months!

I had a severe case of food poisoning yesterday I was so scared. Thought I would have to go back to the hospital the last one almost killed me! I spent weeks int the hospital, I am just still recovering, still don't have my whole body weight back and now this?

I have to be more careful but then I aways feel the need for snacks what's a girl to do?

Gotta go anyways looks like I ran out of stories but I have to say single ins't a bad place to be for the moment!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Right now I am struggling to keep my eyes open. I have been cooking since afternoon for the week. Also have loads of jewelry to make and I am attending a Conference this week! I need to look my best, plenty networking to be done and I already look like I have been through a mill! My cousin is driving me nuts with the new D'banj album. That's all he knows how to do, play music all day.
Help out in the kitchen he will pretend he is not aware of whats going on. I will get him one day soon.

I can't even get an appropriate image for this piece I am so tired. I am officially single now. I even got a break-up cake for myself. Thats nuts but I don't care. Its chocolate cake to console myself! Going to bed now, I don't want to open my eyes till tomorrow. I am deeply unhappy, my holiday is going under my boss doesn't want me to go. I will abscond I will just do it.

Everything is annoying me right now.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kolo small small

I feel like I am losing myself. Where is the happy-smiling-funky-I-don't-give-a-hoot me? I see myself daily as a gloomy-bad-tempered-annoying lady! The week wasn't meant to go like this. I was really rude to my boss yesterday even though I am supposed to respect him, thank God I wasn't given a query. He insulted me & I reacted. We apologised to each other today though.

I wan't to go for a holiday but my personnel manager is playing Oga madam for me! She is making me simmer and before I blow my top I have to cool down. I know I will abscond. I will face the music when I return. I am asking for 3wks she is talking of 2 days what kind of money-wasting trip is that?

I am just starting work o! I was really bad-tempered with some of my colleagues today but like my boss they had it coming. I won't be taking silly comments. When you give people a leeway they tend to over-step their boundaries! Did I say boundary? Some people just don't know the word exists!

Still having a tiff with my honeybunny. Maybe that is why I am depressed but I never used to be this way, he is simply driving me up the wall. I really need that break. Just to be away from everything for a few days will be bliss.

I am also becoming an insomniac! Right now I am exhausted & i need to sleep but my mind is so worked up I have an headache the size of Mount Everest. Anyways I think I have unburdened myself enough for one night.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I think that title is wrong but for lack of something better, it will do. Renewed my commitment to God and rediscovered my faith. I am filled with peace at the moment so I won't be venting today hope it lasts.

Reason for writing today is yet unknown just thought I should put something down. I know my anxieties and panic attacks have subsided lately probably because I don't care anymore. That's a nice place to be actually.

Yesterday was ok, overindulgent in a good way. I simply ate, ate some more and slept. I also watched enough tv to last me a week! But what the hell there is nothing better to do.

I realise God has always been faithful to me even though I live by my own rules but in everything I have always found favour and succour in him so I guess the title does fit afterall.

Its another week tomorrow may God give me enough patience to deal with my boss and co-workers. They drive me nuts sometimes! Its so annoying, I sometimes pretend they don't exist! Ok before I start rambling I will stop. I need to eat anyway later!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A king wears a crown

Here I am again I had another fight with my boyfriend last night. We had one two days before that. It seems lately all we do is fight or argue, he asked me why I was behaving like this lately aswer to me is simple, I am reacting to the way he behaves. I am tired of complaining so I am acting out.

I do love him he just does some really annoying things like not calling until late in the night when I am most likely asleep! No txt msgs what the heck is that? And he can be very unreliable! All this makes me very sad and wonder if I shouldn't just move on and leave him.

I was really tempted to tell him if he wants to be treated like a king he better wear the crown! I just held my tongue so I won't cause further aggravation.

My ex of 5yrs recently caught up with me on yahoo, to say I was surprised would be an understatement. He wants me back!!! What the hell is that? Although we didn't resolve all our issues before I broke it off, it was for a reason. I was tempted a little to play along and see what it might be like but then common sense won over! Only God knows his agenda. One does always want to go back to the familiar and I am glad I was able to vanquish such thoughts I was too young when I dated him and he was a lot older. Why I am talking about my ex?

So my boyfriend said I annoy him ALL the time so I simply asked him what he was doing calling me if I upset him that much and he just couldn't believe I said that so he said goodnight and that was it. I won't even apologise and I will stop trying to be nice if he wants me, he should start working on it I am simply fed up of giving and recieving nothing in return its a relationship for heaven's sake it is suposed to be two people not one!

Besides we have different religions which makes me think sometimes that it might count against me soon. I know we have to have a very serious conversation soon, but we are not even in the same city. I will not suggest he comes to see me if he misses me he should think of coming over on his own.
Its saturday I should be thinking of an outing tonight not moping around the house watching tv and doing annoying housework or office work! Phew! Maybe I need to pray more or something. I am out of steam..... Alright maybe I will call him or just wait for an admirer to ask me out tonight!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008



This is specifically for my friend who wanted me to let out my vent in the best possible way without worries. I tried before but it wasn't successful so I tried again. So hope this works better. A bit worried lately though. Hope things work out in the end. Signing off.