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Friday, July 29, 2011

We are not friends!

So yesterday, I made plans with friends to go to Swe bar for their weekly Thursday Live band shows. It's been long since I went there. This job of mine is robbing me of my extra curricular activities!

As usual, it was packed. Finally found a seat, and ordered a cocktail. I had forgotten how long it takes to get your order when the place is full. Finally the waitress brought my drink, but wait it was the wrong drink or so I thought. Apparently I mixed up the order, even the bartender came over to ask inquire. Nice touch. So I ordered a daquiri instead of a capirinha! Blame the intense gbeborun I was doing. BBM just doesn't deliver the lascivious part of a face to face juicy gist!

I don't like white rum or vodka! It always leaves me delirious and I cannot be responsible for my actions after ingestion. So I thought I could handle it, but for where, my body rejected it like poison! I was tipsy from the first few sips! I even ordered some food to combat the effects but no, it didn't help.

I managed to drive home. (Drinking & driving is not a a good idea, I know, but I ensured I was in full control before I ventured out). I even saw past school toasters! The age process hasn't been kind to some people sha. I was home in less than 20mins! The strangest part was that, I felt like I was looking outside myself. I was hyper and at the same time, my reflexes were slow. And I was laughing like an idiot!

Got in and said hello to my Mum. I even managed a shower but my body felt heavy! I climbed into bed and slept so soundly that when the alarm woke me at 5.30, I was up like a shot. I took some very cold water and went by my morning rituals. At work now but my eyes are 'lerry' according to my colleague and he won't stop asking my opinion on all his assignments!

I have told him that if my brain can cope with his incessant queries, then I am fine. But I am not fine, I want to sleep! I know I will escape to the library soon to catch a nap. The last time I had vodka was my sent forth party in 2009. It was a disaster! I was so hung over I could barely walk! I blogged about it. My sister had to support me and we were flying. The air hostesses all thought I was just ill and were extra nice!

This is my second incursion into white spirits, no more! We are not friends. You don't treat my body right. The weird thing is that, I am fine with dark rum or brandy. I can't stand red wine. I need to lie down or something.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Hello All,

Last week was boring at work. So boring that I had to engage in some work unrelated activities. I won't mention them here. Who knows who might be reading. So on Thursday I was armed to the teeth preparing for another dose of boredom, (don't get me wrong, I had work to do but nothing challenging for the week, just regular updates and stuff I could do in my sleep).

A single phone call I was very tempted not to pick saved me. I was nominated to attend a conference. Yay! The conference was wonderful, highly motivating and oh so interesting. Plenty movers and shakers of the profession, networking opportunities, fabulous food and an outlet to showcase the pencil skirts, shift dresses and heels! Two whole days of fantastic fun (read combining work with great opportunities).

Reconnected with classmates, made new contacts, a renewed vigour and passion to reach my goals and what do you get? A very motivated individual.

In my usual internet prowls, discovered ASOS now delivers to Nigeria at no extra cost! Yup you read that right. Now you can cut those extra delivery costs. The best part is that you use your regular ATM card. The website says its for a limited time only sha. But until then, the bliss of direct delivery!

On to other things, I have two scenarios that I need your views on, how soon is too soon to visit a friend that just got married?

Second one is, I recently discovered a friend's husband is cheating, married less than two years, in my mind, I don't think its my place to tell her, I have in fact resolved not to. Nevertheless its very painful to watch. I see the love rat every other day with his paramour. He is yet to catch me sha and I know its only a matter of time. What would you do?

Its Monday, payday today, Yay! I like this time of the month I can't lie. Have a blissful week people.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Y'all know the song in my title, the only word for my weekend is that. For the uninitiated, google 'Iceprince' go on, google is your friend and no one is looking :D

Omotee's wedding was funtastic! I mean that literally! I left Lagos at 6.00am having previously arranged with my cousin to meet up so he could drive. We picked up my brother on the way and what did we have? Yes, a 6 hr road trip! I lurve those. Been of the same mind and genes, we love long drives (read traffic-free smooth express ways) and stopping to buy any and everything that catches our fancy! I so blame our Grandfather for this (story for another day).

So there were the usual bottle-necks along the road. The former second toll-gate that has degenerated to a trailer park, the Moniya-Ojoo and Iwo road traffic in Ibadan. But past all these, it was smooth sailing. Even the hair raising over taking of massive trucks and trailers on the single carriage way from Oyo-Ogbomosho didn't lessen the fun.

On a side note, people cushioned by ignorance and false safety that live mostly in affluent areas in Nigeria and argue fervently that Nigeria is not a 'third world country' or in the throes of abject poverty should take a trip outside their comfort zone and see how the other parts of the country really are.

Back to the gist, got to Ilorin and and went straight to my family friend's house. We were all attending the wedding, parents inclusive. Omotee was radiant and very excited and I was moved to sniffles when I went to say goodbye. There was also a very emotional part during the thank you address (I hate the phrase 'vote of thanks' thingy!) delivered by the Groom, it was so touching, we were wiping our faces, the Groom's father, the Bride and of course the Groom! At that point, if ever there was a shadow of doubt in me (there never was) that my friend was in good hands, it simply vamoosed.

The journey back was even more interesting we practically floored the accelerator, I have pictures! It was pure undiluted madness! Frequent stops along the way to take pictures on the road side was even more fun than I thought. We had mini-hiccups on the way but that is one trip that was well worth the effort. There is one more wedding to go on Saturday and that will conclude the back-to-back wedding attendance series of mine that started in June. I want my solo weekends back!

On a very unrelated note; I found myself attending this all-important meeting yesterday, as the parties were having their intense discussion, I had this evil thought of breaking wind, not the silent odious one that stinks like a sewer but the very loud butt cracking type that stops conversations and stinks like a sewer! The type that got people labelled with horrible nicknames throughout primary school. In my head it was all so funny, I had to hold my breath rigidly to keep from acting out my ridiculous fantasy. I wonder what the client would have done and the counter-parties. It's all just so funny to me.

Back to reality, I have unrelenting incessant headaches torturing my working hours! I think its the glare of the computer, I spend too many hours in this chair staring at the screen and my social after-work-hours life is in shambles. In total rebellion, I am blogging at work and dedicating the next consecutive hours to Marian Keyes. Hopefully the powers that be will not need my input on anything for the rest of the day (solemn prayer).

Until next time, Enjoy the rest of the week!