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Monday, July 25, 2011


Hello All,

Last week was boring at work. So boring that I had to engage in some work unrelated activities. I won't mention them here. Who knows who might be reading. So on Thursday I was armed to the teeth preparing for another dose of boredom, (don't get me wrong, I had work to do but nothing challenging for the week, just regular updates and stuff I could do in my sleep).

A single phone call I was very tempted not to pick saved me. I was nominated to attend a conference. Yay! The conference was wonderful, highly motivating and oh so interesting. Plenty movers and shakers of the profession, networking opportunities, fabulous food and an outlet to showcase the pencil skirts, shift dresses and heels! Two whole days of fantastic fun (read combining work with great opportunities).

Reconnected with classmates, made new contacts, a renewed vigour and passion to reach my goals and what do you get? A very motivated individual.

In my usual internet prowls, discovered ASOS now delivers to Nigeria at no extra cost! Yup you read that right. Now you can cut those extra delivery costs. The best part is that you use your regular ATM card. The website says its for a limited time only sha. But until then, the bliss of direct delivery!

On to other things, I have two scenarios that I need your views on, how soon is too soon to visit a friend that just got married?

Second one is, I recently discovered a friend's husband is cheating, married less than two years, in my mind, I don't think its my place to tell her, I have in fact resolved not to. Nevertheless its very painful to watch. I see the love rat every other day with his paramour. He is yet to catch me sha and I know its only a matter of time. What would you do?

Its Monday, payday today, Yay! I like this time of the month I can't lie. Have a blissful week people.


P.E.T. Projects said...

The friend's cheating husband bit is a little tricky. You have to be certain he's cheating, e.g. they can be hanging out together as colleagues, team members or even relations! Be careful cos if in the end the wife knows about his movement with the person u'lll end up like the 'iya ile onkan" (yoruba for gbeborun across the street)

As per work, i love those kinda conferences, usually they offer the opportunity to visit the newest hotels/event centres in town at no cost, then there's the food and finally the people you meet.
Ride on babes...

Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken said...

glad you enjoyed your conference...As par the cheating husband i'd say watch him for a little bit longer and then when it's right approach him and mention it, if he listen fine and if he does not i'd stay away...husband and wife issue is not an easy one to step into expecially if you end up being wrong

LusciousRon said...

P.E.T. Projects: I understand. The guy is definitely cheating. I have no plans to tell the wife. God forbid I be the one to scatter the marriage! Thanks

Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken: I don't intend to butt in. I have enough issues of my own without getting involved in other people's wahala. It's just painful to watch! Thank you.

Bombchell said...

OMG!!!!!!!!! ASOS delivers to nigeria!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! *takes deep breathes* I will not be tempted to shop. OMHG! NO WAY!!!

good luck with the cheating thing.

Anonymous said...

"...how soon is too soon to visit..." funny but, very relative. Short of which, married people seem to complain that they seemnigly 'lose' friends when they marry. How true?

"...a friend's husband is cheating,..." see no evil (see & ignore) and speak no evil. At the right time, the 'cheated on' will know and (wisely) deal with it.