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Monday, January 12, 2009

All things pink

When asked what my favorite color is, I would probably say black or purple. I would never mention pink! So it is with shock on retrospection that I discovered most things in my bedroom are varying shades of shocking pink including my blog template!!!

I have a biscuit tin beside my laptop right now and it is the same shocking pink. I almost wore that same color to work today. I unwittingly buy pink shaded lip glossies. (I checked I have five) I am like WHAT?

Where is this love of pink coming from? Did I somehow fall in love with this color or did I get brainwashed by adverts and stuffs that pink somehow is appealing?

So yesterday, I was lying on my bed and I looked around the room and I saw for the first time what anyone entering my room for the first time would see. Pink everywhere. I even have a hand luggage box in shocking pink! It is embarrassing.

On my dresser I have two bottles of 'A touch of pink' by Lacoste, 3 Pink bottled body sprays from Victoria Secret, Hairbrush, Make up bag, showercap, pink shoes I don't wear (it hurts the eye, why did I buy it?) A large pink towel, Pink items of clothing, several in fact, at a point all of my knickers were either pink or had something pink on it, I had to specifically write in my shopping list no pink panties.

I was obsessed with pink nails too. I still have a nail polish in that shade that is actually my favorite now. I had to tell the girl who did my nails last not to show me any shade in pink.

I hated pink when I was a girl so this just baffles me. So is there any way to correct this current compulsive predisposition towards anything pink?. It seems so girlish.

Done with the pink rant it was driving me up the wall.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Tidings

Hello people, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Miss you all took a little break. I saw this mail and I wanted to share with you. Hope you all had a fabulous holiday. Read on:

Dear Friends

Kindly listen to this conversation.

2008: My son am tired

2009: why?

2008: My time is up, i will be going to join your forefathers

2009: I know, u have less than 72 hours to live... i will miss you dad

2008: But let me tell you some things b4 i go

2009: What is it?

2008: Please when i go, make sure you take care of this person

2009: Who?...

2008: The person (reading) listening to this conversation of ours?

2009: Okay

2008: I made some promises to this person during my reign, i fulfilled some, and some i couldnt

2009: But why couldnt you fulfill all dad?

2008: Well, my son...sometimes time, destiny and human factors affected some of the promises

2009: But...

2008: But surely, i spoke with God on this person's behalf, and God granted my wish in you to fulfill the rest promises. So these are the rest of the fulfillment you will carry out on this person...

2009: Go on dad...

2008: Stabilize this person's health without cease all through your reign!

2009: Yea

2008: Open a direct link between our God and this person

2009: Done, carry on

2008: Ensure that this person's dreams come to reality within the shortest time

2009: Alright

2008: Give this person wealth that will touch lives of multitudes

2009: surely

2008: Make sure that you remove all remaining hindrances to success from this person's way

2009: Noted!

2008: I have being trying to make sure that money will never remain d priority of this person, so keep to that pls, make sure son!

2009: I will dad, no problem!

2008: Pay more emphasis on the advice of this person's friends, dont worry about that of this person's enemies, God will take care of that! Get it?

2009: Yes

2008: Finally, promise me that when your own time is up, you will instruct that your offsprings after offsprings (2010, 2011, 2012.....to....2100) to keep positive fulfilments of this person going!

2009: yes dad, may God help me!

2008: Now i can pass to the beyond happily! May you be prosperous!!!

2009: Amen!

My Xmas break was wonderful. I had a bit of drama in the office over the break but I resolved it before I left Abuja sha.
This new year started wonderfully and 2008 ended on a very sweet note. I hope I can keep up my enthusiasm for the rest of the year and I hope the year goes as I plan and wish.

May the year bring good tidings for us all.

PS: Temite, hope you had a fantastic holiday.
Ladyguide: Where is my hamper o!
Vera: Hope you weren't too naughty over the holidays.
Omotee: I am expecting gists.

Oh the wedding anniversary party was fabulous. The pix were great and I had so much fun. My parents loved it. My siblings were sweet. Although the planning was stressful but it all turned out great. Ok I resume work on Monday. Have a fantastic weekend everyone.