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Sunday, August 17, 2008


I think that title is wrong but for lack of something better, it will do. Renewed my commitment to God and rediscovered my faith. I am filled with peace at the moment so I won't be venting today hope it lasts.

Reason for writing today is yet unknown just thought I should put something down. I know my anxieties and panic attacks have subsided lately probably because I don't care anymore. That's a nice place to be actually.

Yesterday was ok, overindulgent in a good way. I simply ate, ate some more and slept. I also watched enough tv to last me a week! But what the hell there is nothing better to do.

I realise God has always been faithful to me even though I live by my own rules but in everything I have always found favour and succour in him so I guess the title does fit afterall.

Its another week tomorrow may God give me enough patience to deal with my boss and co-workers. They drive me nuts sometimes! Its so annoying, I sometimes pretend they don't exist! Ok before I start rambling I will stop. I need to eat anyway later!

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