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Saturday, August 16, 2008

A king wears a crown

Here I am again I had another fight with my boyfriend last night. We had one two days before that. It seems lately all we do is fight or argue, he asked me why I was behaving like this lately aswer to me is simple, I am reacting to the way he behaves. I am tired of complaining so I am acting out.

I do love him he just does some really annoying things like not calling until late in the night when I am most likely asleep! No txt msgs what the heck is that? And he can be very unreliable! All this makes me very sad and wonder if I shouldn't just move on and leave him.

I was really tempted to tell him if he wants to be treated like a king he better wear the crown! I just held my tongue so I won't cause further aggravation.

My ex of 5yrs recently caught up with me on yahoo, to say I was surprised would be an understatement. He wants me back!!! What the hell is that? Although we didn't resolve all our issues before I broke it off, it was for a reason. I was tempted a little to play along and see what it might be like but then common sense won over! Only God knows his agenda. One does always want to go back to the familiar and I am glad I was able to vanquish such thoughts I was too young when I dated him and he was a lot older. Why I am talking about my ex?

So my boyfriend said I annoy him ALL the time so I simply asked him what he was doing calling me if I upset him that much and he just couldn't believe I said that so he said goodnight and that was it. I won't even apologise and I will stop trying to be nice if he wants me, he should start working on it I am simply fed up of giving and recieving nothing in return its a relationship for heaven's sake it is suposed to be two people not one!

Besides we have different religions which makes me think sometimes that it might count against me soon. I know we have to have a very serious conversation soon, but we are not even in the same city. I will not suggest he comes to see me if he misses me he should think of coming over on his own.
Its saturday I should be thinking of an outing tonight not moping around the house watching tv and doing annoying housework or office work! Phew! Maybe I need to pray more or something. I am out of steam..... Alright maybe I will call him or just wait for an admirer to ask me out tonight!

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