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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


At work, my boss will skin me if he catches me. Finally my holiday has been approved but was subsequently reduced by 2 days because I skipped work on friday without a written permission after obtaining a verbal one. Anyways I don't care again.

I haven't posted since 'cos there was nothing to post except maybe the anger i feel towards my HR for all the stress she is putting me through.

My mum is around and I just don't want to hear any man talk at the moment! she is like my best friend but she is still my mother.

Those guys are still calling but I have nothing to offer any one at the moment. My ex left me a fb message recently how silly is that, maybe I should block him......I mean if he has anything to say to me he has my number. I didn't reply sha!
I am closing soon anyways and I just want to sleep I am being overworked o!

Went for an uncle's wedding recently and it was nice seeing the entire family but the inevitable prayers and jokes of my wedding being next was a bit much.

Which brings me to the question why is everyone so obsessed about weddings? It is driving me nuts as I will soon start avoiding my friends who are either getting married or married already.
Then again why do they all keep asking me to be on their train? What the heck is that? Ishh, can't I be a member of the aso-ebi group.

Which reminds me of the time I was single for quite sometime and they all thought I was a lesbian or I had a problem. That's gist for another day. Thank God I can close now officially as it is Ramadan period we can get to close 30min earlier than usual.


Buttercup said...


Buttercup said...

eeya, sorry bout the stress o...

hmmm theres no escapin all the fuss bout weddings, esp if u r of the 'ripe' age..unfortunately..

lol @ people thinking u were a lesbian..

Omotee! said...

i don laff tire, why dem go think u fit be lesbo?! dat one pass me o!
hey, ur blog page is beautiful, just like u (me i know her, fine girl)! how did u do it anyway? its so nize!

so, can i come help u kick ur boss's ass?!
how da hell did u get to be first?!!!!!!!!!! i vex!

LusciousRon said...

@ buttercup its really unfortunate!
@ Omotee You are very welcome to try. You are making my head swell o. I will show you when we see.