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Thursday, September 25, 2008

What a day!

Oh have I missed blogging or what? Tried to blog with my fone but T-mobile was hassling me. It keeps saying it can't find a secure connection to the page and I couldn't leave comments either! The internet at home is not fixed my cousin can't remember the password?! Tapping into someone's network via my sister's laptop, you should see us carrying the thing all over the house trying to tap into an unsecured network. Right now its balanced precariously on an arm rest. I will need a massage at the end of this post. So great is the kink working its way up my neck and shoulders.

So I am still in London supposed to resume at work today but I have extended my self-imposed holiday. Had to do a mail saying I had flu, hope that ruse works; the extent I go in pursuit of my self love. I am absolutely in love with myself! Right now I am having an affair with myself.

I have finished spending all my money but I really don't care at the moment. I will go and drink garri at home. I can't resist the lure of shopping, why am I here anyway? Bought so many things I just wanted to loose myself in Oxford street. It just reconfirmed what I have always known I can't live in this country I will probably be deported for over-spending and having a bad credit record.

My sister hates shopping with me as I can spend the whole day just looking at clothes and she would rather watch tv or surf the net. I am a woman and I inherited my father's affinity for shopping thats a bad combo.

Today was quite adventurous, back on oxford street, I met this man who should be at least 50 if he is a day, he said he had seen me around Peckam, I do not stay in Peckam and my experience of the place does not exceed 45min at the most shopping for food is not my fort. So this white man continued in his lame attempt to be friendly, he finally asked for my number I told him no he then said it was a shame as I am very pretty. Don't know what the shame is still. This happened at Debenhams.

On my way to Selfridges to go and look some more I saw this cop who was strolling by he kept glancing back at me and I wondered what he might say to me if he walks back to meet me. He was very good-looking I was almost tempted to go ask him out.

After that I made my way to Trafalgar Square. I braced myself and climbed the granite statues like all the oyinbo teens I saw took plenty pictures and made my way down. Then I met an Egyptian who thought I was a model and offered to take pictures of me by the London Eye and anywhere else I want. Its not like its my first time in London but I wanted to indulge the man so I started traipsing aroud Westminister with him. He was actually fun I walked from Tralfalgar Square to Waterloo where we parted. That I won't do again in a while.

So I got nice pictures, I got on a bus only to discover the credit on my Oyster card had finished. I jejely got down from the bus before the driver digraces at me. I called my sister several times but she was at a conference and she didn't pick up. I wasn't too worried sha I knew she would come rescue me if she doesn't find me at home. I walk into the Waterloo underground station to top up only to discover I had barely up to a pound in coins on me. I forgot I was supposed to withdraw money from my sister's debit card. What I did? I saw a black man in uniform and asked for assistance he obliged me all the while laughing at my predicament. He was very cute and he is Nigerian. He bailed me out and completed the 1.50 pound I needed to get home. ( Can't find the pound sign on this computer its supposed to be on the 3 numeral but another sign keeps coming out).

I am still debating going back to that station to see him and tell him I usually don't leave home without money, it just happened.

Altogether an eventful day and I must say I quite enjoyed myself. Hope I haven't bored anyone. Which reminds me I have to do a post on my random musings soon. But this uneasy access to the internet is a silly hindrance. I asked my sister to supply the title to this blog and she did. Finally told her about my blog as she wanted to know why I always laugh everytime I use my phone to read people's post. Going to bed now sha don't think I will be going anywhere tomorrow, today was quite enough. But on the other hand behaving like a tourist is quite fascinating. So I may go inside the Parliament tomorrow or sleep the day off.


Anonymous said...

Am I first! I am first. Oya please help me scream hallelujah. the lod hasss been guuud to me o. Please brothers and sisters, help me sing this song. this is the day dat da lud has made o. So like I want cake, something from england (digestive biscuit will do or maybe eclairs).
Seems like you had a great day sha. enjoy yourself. Ohhh - u should go see the queen or sumfing and then put a post up bout dat.

Vera Ezimora said...

LOL. Temite is funny. That's ma gal!!

Babe, you're having fun oh. I've never been to London. Well, I have, but I was like 2 or 3 then, so that doesn't really count. Y don't you put up a few pictures? U can cut ur head off.

Pretty please???

bArOquE said...
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bArOquE said...

my dear apparently, you put the win in window shopping...die hard tourist...UK's next model with Pharoahs in London...carrying an empty payg oyster card...internet access hacker...self lover...holiday extender...fine-ass security man scoper...which kind babe you be naa? LOL

LusciousRon said...

Temite: I am singing with you. I will bring you chocolate digestive. Good?

Vera: You should come next year sha during summer. Na my office people winch me like this. Otherwise I would have been here for summer.( Now there is no sales everything is more expensive) Still angry about that. I will put up a few pics when I get back home.This internet thievery is unreliable.

Baroque: Thanks for all the accolades. The Guy looked like Blair Underwood. I actually woke up dreaming of his face. Chei!

Ladi said...

Fun Post!!

bArOquE said...

you go die oh, see your nyash like Blair Underswood...no be Trevor Nelson?

LusciousRon said...

Baroque: I can at least dream if real life isn't all that.

Ladi: Thanks


Looks like you are having a gret time!

Just...Toluwa said...

put up a couple of pictures...lets see how much fun u had.

thnx for stopping by my blog, so i assume you r leaving with BA?

Omotee! said...

ore mi, i have missed u like crazy. i tried so hard to post my comment yesterday and the silly thing was acting up, think internet doesnt like me, woreva man.
pls come back quick, boredom is about to kill me for dis abuja. everybody, as in EVERY FRIGGING BODY travelled for the break! i am bored shitless!
come make we go chop amala jo!

u don buy d whole of london ba? norin do u jare love!

Buttercup said...

I cnt stop laughin at the thot of u carryin ur lappy about cos of connection n now its balanced on the arm of a chair! Hahahaha!

Wow, what a day indeed! Hmm u must really be a hottie o..lol..

Thank God for the naija bros that helped u out! I truly wonder what i'd hav done if i were in that situation..

Anonymous said...

ahnahn ur day is somn else o...yeah am with vera...pictures! pictures!! pictures!!!