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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another Affair

I remember the first time I became aware of you. It was about 10 years ago. You had been in my subconscious for quite a while. I had heard the raves about you, how all the girls are crazy about you but I thought it’s just another passing fancy, we will get over.

You flirted, caressed, tantalised and hurt but still I refused to let go, I finally succumbed to your charms. You were simply too alluring to let go. Everyone was doing it so why not me?

I especially like the way I compared notes with my friends on what was, better you all the way or with a little variance. You came in different colours, I just couldn’t resist.

I remember abandoning all and everything else for you. I spent a lot of money in those days feeding my habit. Oh yes you became a habit.

We were always together even when my grandma was visiting in red. Some felt it was risky and I was quite mad to do so but who cares. I was having the time of my life! I loved you so.

Then came a moment when I got over you. You just stopped appealing to me. I was fancying another obsession. How I love obsessions. I just fall headlong without a thought or a care. I always go all the way. I am doing this already, why not do it all the way? That is my life’s philosophy unless I realise you are not good for me that is.

I remember the hurts, I always felt sore at the end of the day. Then I stopped altogether. I packed up all the nick-nacks of our affair in a little bag not to be seen again unless I wanted to have a little fun.

The codes of fashion and times dictates that I take a trip down memory lane every once in a while. But I daren’t. I don’t fancy you anymore. You used to hurt too much and I finally got over you. Why begin again?

But eventually I succumbed! Again. It happened because of my laziness. I got too busy for my new love and ended up being back with you. You also saved me from the curse. Especially during this week.

Alas we have to part ways again. You have started hurting again and I can’t cope.

This is my affair with the G-string!

I had to wear it this week because my boy shorts with the seamless lines have to take a trip to the laundry. I decided to bring out the ‘other’ undies bag that is filled with all sorts of medieval torture devices disguised as female underwear.

I love undies. I have bags and bags of it. It takes a pride position in one half of my entire wardrobe.

I had a series of meetings lined up for the week and I didn’t want to embarrass myself with VPL at any moment. My dressing gives me the ultimate seal of confidence. So I take the trouble to avoid any fashion faux pas I might make.

My skirt today is very tight and made of a material that glistens like satin but stretches as well. I have been wearing them strings since Monday but ones with little straps of cloth at the back. Today I felt extra confident that since I haven’t had any issues, I could go back to the ropy types. How wrong I was. I was already having a headache by mid-day. I have been to court twice today. So moving around is quite painful. I had to prepare some documents and all I could concentrate on was the stupid discomfort.

I went into the toilet and pulled the darn things off! Yep I did. My jacket has pockets so it is currently residing in one of them. Might as well put the pocket to use. It never holds anything anyways.

As I write this, I am bare and loving it. I still have to meet friends for drinks later today. Hope no one tries to dip a hand into my pocket though. They will get quite a surprise. I also hope fervently that my skirt does not rip. It is that tight.

This affair is so over!

I used to spend most of my money on buying thongs. My friends and I would talk about it and how they felt wearing it. Even during that time of the month, it was strings all the way. It helped that I am a tampon girl.

The different colours fascinated me. I wanted to own it all and the designs. The ones that look like catapults, the ones with the glitter and chains etc. When I fell in love with boy shorts and low rise panties, the fascination ended.

Some things are just not worth it.

Sorry for any errors, I still have some work to do.


Vera Ezimora said...


Vera Ezimora said...

Dear Attorney of mine....

YOU ARE BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're telling me that you're currently walking around commando??? Chei!!!

I love g-strings though. Don't like thongs. Too thick. G-strings are thin enough to not be felt... I think.

Tisha said...

i love g-strings too
and low rise panties
amazingly they are very comfortable for me

Tigeress said...

so na paiynt u dey talk about? hehehehe. I avoid g-strings as much as possible.

Fabulo-la said...

Oh my....
U actually went bare???
Whoa...s much as i hate G-strings at times..I dnt think I have d liver to just go bare...
Brave girl...

Anonymous said...

lol...cool...i cant stand thongs...i personally am old fashioned...to me thats just rope!!ha ha ha.

chayoma said...

low rise,
any day mehn!
So you were running around bare, letting in some breeze huh?

UnderCover07 said...

LWKM...I been done dey wonder wat is dis babe referring to.

I only do thongs or G's when I have to wear tight stuff dats not jeans. Anything else, its boyshorts and low-rise all the way.

Commando???!!! Babe u chop liver oo.

Parakeet said...

Lol...G-string affair. I used to like them to cos I hate lines showing under my clothing but now I have a fair mix of full pants, boxer briefs etc and I stick with cottons. More comfy.

tunrayo said...

lol! see me wondering what you could possibly be talking about. I love underwear period! no matter the type.

u try o! i cant imagine going commando...and for most of the day too. hmmm....naughty

dejanae said...

sometimes u just gotta takem off.lol

Phoenix said...

LMAO a friend bought me these silk g-strings i decided to take them for a test drive..., Lets just say the skid marks are still there, ever so subtly reminding me to luk the other direction when i see g-strings.

LusciousRon said...

Vera: You know I am bad I am bad.... You wouldn't believe what I just bought again? Yes a lovely pink ;aced thong! I never listen.

Tisha: I envy you.

Tigress: It is necessary to avoid them. Can u imagine blisters in your butt crack?

Fabulo-la: Desperate situation dseserves desperate measures!

Leggy: That is much more comfy.

Chayoma: Not so much breeze. There is no price for being comfortable.

Undercover07: I didn't know I had that kind liver!

Parakeet: That is the way to go.

Dejanae: Yes. It's d way to go. Kinda reminds me of the scene in sex and the city series, where Samantha had to remove her pearl g-string while climbing stairs to check if her lover was cheating!

Phoenix: You and me both. Lol at skid marks!

Jaycee said...


I hate them...

Original Mgbeke said...

LOL! Eeeeek...sooo not a fan of G-strings. I've never been. I never even liked thongs either. Sexy lace boyshorts all the way baby!

Afronuts said...

what? U fell out with the G-string?

Does it have to do with adding more weight around the 'areas' concerned or you just lost interest in it?

But hey, I agree with you. If it aint comfy, its not worth wearing!

Writefreak said...

It's just gotta be comfy! That's how i roll! lol

Writefreak said...

It's just gotta be comfy! That's how i roll! lol

RocNaija said...

A post skewed towards the female folk then..

Very vivid..

Aphrodite said...

Never been a fan of G-strings although sometimes one cant do without it when u are wearing those tight skirts or pants.

Loved the Intro, u got me thinking it was a guy.

Buttercup said...

Lol! A girl gotta do what a girl gotta do!

Anonymous said...

babez update oh!