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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Thank you SolomonSydelle, IncogNaija, Leggy, Honeywell and Buttercup for your insightful comments on my last post. I couldn't reply. I say thanks to everyone who left a comment, you put me in a better place.

Still going gaga over the Storm. I thought the excitement would have waned but no! I am just in love with the surepress.

Someone said when I am low, I get new gadgets. I don't think that is true. Everyone knows I have been dreaming since like forever over the Storm.

Ok to the gist of today, Imagine this scenario, I will tell this in the first person to make the story flow better-

I met this guy a few years ago, he liked me but I didn't date him then. Too many issues besides I was in my no men phase then.

We kept in touch over the years then met at a wedding recently. Then the chasing intensified. I am falling but there are a few issues. He didn't complete his degree and he is now a businessman. I am a career person. When people see me, they see forward, chic and smart.

Said guy is very sweet, writes me poems and calls a lot plus sends me messages like crazy.

He occassionally asks me to buy him credit or he is broke or issh like that. I don't mind but at the back of my mind, I am like this shouldn't be happening. We are already dating at this time.

We never went on an official date, boy takes girl out kinda thing. He lives with his family. We had a mini-tiff based on his type of work and he assured me that it is working out but I don't really believe it. In fact, I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the whole idea.
I feel, if his customers don't pay, he will be basically broke or if they don't make orders. I do not envision living like that.
Besides, I doubt if my family will accept. I am going for a master's soon, so it will be a mismatch degree wise. I am trying to make it work, it's not all about fancy degrees nut how the you both feel about each other (I think).

I begin to resent him. I am not really feeling the thing that is 5 months into it. Not like I don't like him but I find I am angry more than half the time. I am a girl, I want to be taken out on dates and do fancy stuffs. I want to travel at a short time's notice, I don't want to hear that you can't afford it. It seems that is all I hear from you. Future looks bleak at this time.

Then we had this a text conversation-
boy- you were not happy to see me last time
girl- sorry I was in a foul mood
boy-tell me about not being happy
girl-i don't want to talk about it
boy-how are we supposed to communicate
girl- i will be fine just a phase, just make sure your business is working
boy- so that's what its all anout
girl- no, just ending the conversation
boy- you always snap at me, have a nice day
girl- don't start
boy- i don't know you anymore maybe i thot i did
girl- i don't think you ever did

Then no more talk. I sent him messages but no reply and I tried to call but I couldn't hear a thing and he didnt call back. Then apologised still no reply, after 2 weeks, then sent a message that by the silence I am assumning, it is over still no response.

So people, what do you all think?
That is the story I got recently and I didn't know what to make of it.
She is confused.

I have a mini story of my own to tell but not today. Post too long already.
Have a nice week all. I shall be checking to read the comments.


ShonaVixen said...


Anonymous said...

I am guessing its over as well. Norrin do you jooor! Go forth and buy gadgets. I soooo want to meet you as well. I am coming to Lagos soon and I will hit you up then. We should do lunch.

LusciousRon said...

Shona: Yes you are!
Temite: Hit me when you are in town.

~Sirius~ said...


That relationship sound so over to me.

Yay for storm- if you ask me.

Gee said...

this one is tough o...i can totally imagine how she feels..but yh, a boifrend that doesnt call 4 2weeks is as good as over...if he isnt pickin up her calls, she shuld text him nd mke it official...especially 4 d fact that she complains most of the time in the rlationship..she is not happy

Original Mgbeke said...

It's definitely over and probably for her own good if she is starting to feel resentful towards him.

dejanae said...

its done
wait lemme think


its not like the situation wasnt known from the get go
if she cant deal its probably best that he's gone

bArOquE said...

ok, i'm not sure this opportnity will knock again, this is the opportunity to walk...take it
its OV fucking R

chayoma said...

relationship status: OVER!
that's my opinion....
nice blog

Fabulo-la said...

Definitely over. And a wise person once told me, its not all about fancy degrees true, but what hath a housegirl in common with a doctor?
Jus' sayin..

LG said...

hey dearie'

Vera Ezimora said...

These are things that should be considered before one enters a relationship. No one should ever be judged by where he/she is today. You never know what he/she might become tomorrow. She sounds like she's judging him based on where he is today. In the twinkle of an eye, God could turn things around.

They shouldn't be together - even if the relationship is not yet over. It's obvious she doesn't love him, and if that's the case, they should go their separate ways and save each other any heartache.

Since he hasn't called for two weeks, I'll assume they're over and done with. Maybe he found himself a chic that doesn't mind his non-degree-having status. *wink, wink*

Tigeress said...

Shona, after shouting first- u're meant to leave a comment.

Luscious, eeeeemmmmmm.......what were u apologizing for? well since u're not married to this dude- i think u need to step. Cos a guy who claims to like you and ignores your calls/texts etc for more than a day or 2 is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT the person for you. But if u feel u do not deserve better- then keep reaching out to him.