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Monday, May 4, 2009

Not really.

Hi peeps.
Work has been crazy!
My title should read 'not really a post just an update'
Couldn't even sneak off to write or read a post.Thank you for all the birthday wishes! It was much appreciated.
I had a lovely time, in fact it
was so wonderful I didn't want the day to end. Alas it had to, to make way for another day for someone else to feel special.
The dinner was superb. everyone behaved themselves except for one guest who arrived late. I had to start ordering without her and her plus 1. My other guests were beginning to get impatient.

I have been really busy, wait, I said that before. I finally made my court appearance debut last week. I got a raving kudos from other counsels present and my senior colleague who followed me. If it was a show I would have gotten a standing ovation!

I had a few hitches but with sound background preparation I sailed along beautifully. I thought I would just adopt my written paragraphs already filed before the court, the Judge had other ideas. She asked me to argue my Motion, I promptly did and I would like to think I floored my learned colleague on the other side. in fact I did. Court was adjourned for ruling for about 2 months.
Because of this ahem... perfomance, I have more work from the
litigation department even though I am in the corporate department.

On to other things-
I am loving my current nails would have put up a pics but anyone who 'stumble' on this page would know it is me. The nails are that hawt! It is done in purple and gold. I love the royal color!

Seriously this fuel scarcity situation has got to improve! It is totally frustrating. People are suffering. I got lucky on Friday I bought fuel and there was no queue. I mean just a few cars. So my Dad & I filled the cars at home.

Had to look through my calendar for the next public holiday. Yes I am that overworked. It's all good sha. I was happy I mean VERY, to discover that our democracy day or whatever they choose to call it, is on the 29th of this month. Double Yay 'cos it's a Friday.

It's almost official closing hour but I will be here for a good extra hour before I can leave. I know I will pay for this blogging.

By the way-
What is up with all these companies laying people off for the flimsiest excuses? I know there is a recession, but cut the salaries or ask people to work in shifts don't look for stupid little things to sack people. There should be a valid reason at least.

I know of someone in a telco (telecommunication company), she was laid off for 'sending the official car to go pick her mother'. talk about ridiculous.
I understand about the banks cutting top level management salaries but watching people and giving them query/memo because of a hairstyle is pushing the envelop a bit far! hairstyle in question is a full fringe and the color was neutral (black) for a bank. What is wrong with this? Check the pix below-

Who knows where
LG is? I haven't seen any update from her.
It looks like it will be a busy week. I can see that office assisstant delivering my letters from last week. More outgoing mails for me.

Henhen before I forget, I want to start Pilates. I am a skinny bonga fish but I need more flexibility and tighter abs! My bones crack all the time. I only need to stand up, you will hear 'ka ka' depending on how many bones choose to partake in the current action. My colleagues are having a good time with my 'bone music'. I tried over the weekend, now I ache in places I didn't even know I had. Any tips?

Have a fabulous week people. I will try to come by your pages more often. You guys update too much sef. :-D


Vera Ezimora said...


Vera Ezimora said...

Okay, I'm off to do school work. Be back.

CaramelD said...


First time here woo hoo!

archiwiz said...

Welcome ohh... Sorry I missed your birthday. Happy belated birthday. Good to know that you had a great time.

And good work in court my dear. Abeg tell me that your learned colleague was a man and I would be doubly happy. Perhaps the judge wanted to be sure that you could properly argue a motion, and that you were not there to just look pretty, or do follow-follow.

And as for Vera and CaramelID, I am automatically first because I commented properly first ohh... Una go siddown for back joo.

Tyger said...

was your birthday may 3rd?

mine was may 3rd!

BSNC said...

Happy belated birthday..

lol i guess you are really busy, you mentioned it like three times i think..

hope you are feeling better from all the aches..

have a lovely week

Afrobabe said...

bonga fish, nice to see an update...been worried about LG as well...Work must have picked up...

miz-cynic said...

luscious...i don miss lg as well.happy belated b-day jare.wapa!

Anonymous said...

awwww Darl,
please take it easy jare. soweee I wasnt here to wish u happy baffday, so Happy BIRTHDAY belated! U go GIRL....show them how its done.

Sting said...

I didn't know u were a lawyer. Cool! now i know who to turn to in case of any yawa. Shey u will hook me up?

THIRTY + said...

Happy Belated Birthday

Anonymous said...

hey.. good for you then... Big ups on the court appearance.. maybe you should drink mor e grease to oil those 'ka-ka'-ing joints.. lol...

RocNaija said...

I so feel you on the 'bone music'..

So pilates helps huh?

isha said...

Lol @ updating too much.

Pele o, with all this work! Na wa o. You'll be alright.

Yeah, this fuel situation is really ridiculous. I pray that our darling Nigerian government would find a way to fix the problem ASAP.

Have a great day!

isha said...

Oh yeah, Happy belated birthday, and congrats on your court debut. Many more bouts of wonderfulness for you, Amen!

LusciousRon said...

Vera: Still waiting for you to come back.

CaramelD: Hello to you to. Really first time here? Welcome.

Archiwiz:Thanks jare. the colleague was indeed a man. Are you doing the stanky leg just yet?
I think you were right about the Judge.

Yes o don't mind Vera, I will concede a second to you. Caramel said hi. :-)

Tyger: Happy belated birthday to you dear. Hope you had a fabulous day. Mine was April 24.

BSNC: Thanks love. I might need a day in a massage parlour to feel that good! Don't mind work.
Have a lovely week too.

Afrobabe: LG must be busy. I see you are living it up. I need a good girl's day out.

Miz-cynic: How you doing? I wonder what LG's take on this fuel scarcity would have been. I am sure I would be laughing my head off. Thanks.

Temite: Thanks love. U did me strong thing with you going private for a while o. I will try to do more!

Sting: Yep, any time. Just call me. (Puffing out my chest like a rooster!)

Thirty+: Thank you. We are indeed increasing daily.

Dbthinks: Thank you, thank you, you are far too kind *wink*. More grease? You want me to start dripping oil when I open my mouth?

RocNaija: Don't tell me you get those too. It helps the flexibility so it might just ease the stiffness in the bones.

Isha: Thank you and Amen! It seems I am absent for a week, there is loads and loads of pages to read!

I am tired of the government. They only see us not hear us.

mizchif said...

Congratulations on your successful court debut.
lol@ ur bone music!

Tairebabs said...

my learned friend! hahaha! I did the whole litigation thing for a year and I ran to corporate as fast as I could. Too many adjournments. I heard about the fuel situation o. Everyone is complaining about it.

What is wrong with 9jar banks, how can someone get a query for wearing a fringe? That's just weird and wrong on so many levels.

Omotee! said...

Hey, congrats on ur debut in Court (i feel nostalgic)!

very funny!

~Sirius~ said...

Congrats on your debut at the court house.

Tell me about looking for public holidays. I was estactic that the 29th is also a friday- hence looooong weekend (I hope)

The fuel thing really sucks!

It just kills my spirit.

Buttercup said...

glad ur birthday went well, hon and im even more glad that u killed it in court, well done!

this recession thing is getting out of hand..may God help us all..

i can just imagine how ur nails look..interesting colours..

i miss lg too o and u r right..these bloggers be updating too frequently jo, i cant keep up! hehe..

pele about work o..