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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May the 25th!

I am happy my last post inspired a lot of people that was the aim.
Work is burying me but I refuse to let it overshadow my blogging power!
I am presently holed in the library under the guise of conducting some dusty crusty research.
When the power of google fails, ye shall resort to the good ol' days of thumbing through books. But seriously I am still sorting through the books that weigh half my size. Just taking a mini break. If I glance through another fine print within the next hour, I might just start smashing things. What happened to the days of simply waking up at your own pleasure with nothing to do but watch tv all day or read a book?

Thank you all for sympathizing with me on the fuel thingy. It abated during the weekend but the queues were snaking back as at yesterday. I don't know why the government is so bovine about the whole situation.
The President had a press conference yesterday where he stated that it is a 'cartel' that is responsible for the situation. I would say Puhleeeeese! Although he did say that he would deal with them apropriately when they are caught.
On to less aggravating issues, the koko mansion (D'Banj reality tv show) is generating a lot of negative feelers. I am a kokolet myself, I mean I love the guy but I think that idea is silly. For more info check out JideSalu.
Forgive the randomness of the past paragraphs. The lady is not co-ordinated this afternoon.
To the reason for my post; May the 25th is AFRICA DAY.

As a way to celebrate our origin, I would like everyone to state why they love being an African. We should celebrate Africa on that day and not dwell on the poverty and all the other negative issues. I say this because we live with those issues everyday and we don't celebrate its beauty and richness often enough. Besides the foreign press will use the opportunity to broadcast our problems.

I have attempted to put up nice pictures about Africa but it's not coming out the way I want.
I should get back to work. The headache is coming on with a mild toothache.
Does anyone where they do really good Sharwama? Please don't suggest Bob's Express. Thank you.
Enjoy the rest of the week people.


LG said...

1stttt yep :-)

Oyinkansola(Honeydropz.) said...

Second!!!!!! Woop Yippee
Going 2 read the post
Will be BACK :)

Oyinkansola(Honeydropz.) said...

3rd Again....
wharris is goin on here mehn
Hmmm. Why am i proud 2 be an african?.....Tough Question
I Shall Be Back 2 Answer That

StandTall-The Activist said...

GIad I wasnt the onIy one that found koko mansion idea siIIy. The feuI scarcity ran me mad I teII u.

ScoopsNija said...

Didn't know that May the 25th was Africa day...good one.

As for the koko mansion, read about it but didnt quite like it cos I see it as an exploitation of women in that they are seen as commodities. I have no doubt that it will be entertaining though.