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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blogger woes and Children's day

I don't know what is wrong with blogger o! My last post has refused to display. I only see the title and a few words. I even tried to repost but I keep getting the same blank page. Can anyone help?

Happy children's day to all the blog kids o! I wonder what Solomon Sydelle, Nefertiti, Fluffycutething and all the other blog moms are doing at the moment with the kids.

Clearing throat *ahem* all the adults; our own holiday is just around the corner one day away as we celebrate wetin dem call am? Democracy day.

Honestly I envy the children all the holidays they have this month and teachers too! First it was May 1st, Now May 27th and May 29th! 3 working days free in one month? I miss being a child honestly.

My father sent me an e-mail wishing me 'Happy children's day'. When I saw the message I went pink! (I wish) :) I was laughing when I placed a call to him to find him chuckling that shebi I was still his child so I get children's day message!

On to other things;
Am I the only that finds Hugh Jackman sexy as hell in X-men Origins? I love that film. I even go to browse picture scenes from the movie to satisfy my eyes *wink*

We are approaching that time of the year when my country men travel all over the world in the name of 'summer trip'. I will envy people o! I am not entitled to any leave just yet. I am still on probation :( I am not thrilled about it at all.

Thinking of all those 'girls' gushing on the phone about when to book their ticket, the shops to visit etc is churning my stomach. I have to make do with internet shopping! Ouch. No sales for me. Double ouch!! And the most gruelling part no delicious-I-will-be-the-lucky-recipient-of-envious-looks-when I wear this outfit finds!!!

I will miss the shops, the walks, the let's-try on-this-outfit breaks. And so many more.

Anyways I am doing Ghana this weekend by road! That should be fun. I will cram as much fun as possible into the long weekend.
Will do the rounds soon. I wish I had 8 extra hours for each day. Now I know that school days are the freest and best times ever!

Be good people.


BSNC said...

i saw the last post after i highlighted it..

Happy children's day..lol

At least you are going to Ghana. have fun :)

Writefreak said...

Happy Children's day to us kids jare! lol
And yes you're still a child to your parents o...
So you live in Abuja? hmmm...interesting..

chayoma said...

I saw X-Men Origins TWICE!
Hugh Jackman's abds are rippling i tell you...and Ryan Reynolds (may not be over the moon abt him) looked buffed up too...

Yes oh! Happy Children's day to me oh!

Enjoy Ghana, it is a beautiful place

LG said...

lolllll *happy children's day hon

African Weight Loss Diva said...

Hugh SExy???? Eeew! Naa, lai lai o

Original Mgbeke said...

LOL, awww happy childrens day to me o jare. No worry, your own time for waka will come and na you go dey oppress them. How have you been dear?

Parakeet said...

Aww...missed children's day, was it fun?

ManCee said...

Your last post...change the font color. ITs there..just invisible to the 'unschooled'.lol.

Ghana by road? Hope your backside is 'luscious' enough to withstnd sitting for long.
...Else just pack an extra.


Your dad is too funny!

Children's day? We don't have that here o, but on that day the kids hung out with some friends of theirs!

How was the ghana trip? Accra is a fun place to visit.