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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Break out the Champagne!

I have been away for quite some time. Missed you all like crazy. Interestingly my thoughts have been with Buttercup and Chari lately. Hope you guys are doing ok. My Google is misbehaving. I have been opening my blogger page but it comes on in Arabic. I tire. Even my search pages come out like that. Pretty frustrating since the bulk of my work these days seems to be writing up articles and making a comparative analysis of company issues in different jurisdictions.

On to other things- I had things to blog about last week. I had major pet peeves but they all seem to have disappeared.

My birthday is tomorrow. Bought a dress and went venue shopping on Sunday. I wanted a gorgeous atmosphere and amiable staff, where I can relax with my friends and be totally free, not one of those stuck up places. Finally found a nice restaurant with food I love. I am hosting a birthday dinner for 12 persons. Selecting the people I want to spend my evening with was an arduous task I tell you. I had these thoughts-Who would get mad if not invited, which friends would get along best with one another etc. I guess I should be thankful I don't have to do sitting arrangements. I would have screamed!

I wanted an all girls evening before but my male friend whom I accidentally jabo'd to made all sorts of noise so he kinda finagled an invite and I had to exclude some more girls to have an equal representation of the sexes.

Like a friend pointed out, the dinner will end late, getting home will be a chore so why not make it a more rounded 0cassion as the guys will act as the Calvary? I had to agree with that.

So people what have you all been up to? I will be round your pages soon. that will be my weekend gift to myself. Speaking of which, Lagos is agog with the Eyo festival plans slated for this Saturday. No Lagos Island waka for me on that day. A word of advice, I heard if you will be in that vicinity as a woman 'do not pack your hair up in a ponytail' to look like a 'suku'. I don't know why that is though.

I missed my blog I swear. Typing this up soothes my spirit in ways I can't describe. Even though I am not happy about the ton of paper I have to write as my report for the work I am currently working on.

I don't feel different even though this is the last day I will spend as a 24 year old! The past one year in itself has been fabulous. I cannot thank God enough for all that he has done for me.

Everytime my alarm sounds off in the name I go 'oh another day', the thought that immediately follows is, be glad you are alive and healthy. A lot of people would give anything to be where you are at the moment. So I get up and smile and set about the day's activities.

Sorry if this post is totally un-coordinated, its good to be back and I didnt think of this I am just going with the flow. Pardon the typos work has been crazy. I just took a mini break and it seems the break is stretching to a full one. In fact I will continue the work tommorrow. I shall blog to my heart's content for now.


Anonymous said...

GREAT! Have fun on ur BDAY. XOXO

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it will be a fun day..... Share the fun...wherever (the old Fanta advert)

ShonaVixen said...

hope you have a great bday hon!!!

Original Mgbeke said...

Awww, happy birthday in advance hon. Sounds like it will be a nice, relaxing event indeed.
Yay to the big 25 coming up soon.

BSNC said...

happy birthday in advance. hip hip hurray.. have fun..

Oyinkansola(Honeydropz.) said...

Happy Birthday In Advance
Hope yu have a fab day

Lolia said...

Happy birthday in advance dear! God bless x

Writefreak said...

Happy birthday!
Make sure you have fun and may this new year be a wonderful one for you!

Jayla. said...

Happy birthday........ have fun xx

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Hope you have a great time. Putting together a guest list no matter how small can be a chore!
Glad your back:-)

Afrobabe said...

Happy birthday sweetie, you are my dad's birthday mate...

How have u been?...

Smaragd said...

happy buffday in arrears sweets! was wondering when i saw 25 on ur profile...lol

had fun eh?

Buttercup said...

awwwwwww *blushes all shades of red and purple* lol....Chari and I are fine, thanks! :D

I can imagine the wahala u went through figuring out who to invite and what not..


how did it go???

I wish u many more!

all the best with work..

blogger is messing with me too..I've put a post since yesterday and it's not updating on people's blogrolls..mscheew..

sowee for the long comment..lol..

Smaragd said...

oya, parry is ova, come and update na

Tairebabs said...

Happy belated birthday. Hope you had a good one.