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Thursday, April 9, 2009

New job Title!

When you have nothing to blog about, what do you do? Share a joke? That's exactly what I am doing.

Easter was really nice, rested like I had been slaving all these months. My cousin also got married during the break. Lovely wedding. Another opportunity for the clan to gather and make other plans while teasing each other about who is next. I am happy no one is stressing us out just yet.

The guys bringing their ladies and us wondering who will dare to be next.

This is to
Temite:- How can you go PRIVATE without inviting me? Not happy at all! :-(

Omotee added another year yesterday. Happy Birthday girl!
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I think that's all with current events. Enjoy my joke. Of course its not really the Ministry of Labor in Nigeria.

The Ministry of Labor in Nigeria has introduced 'new titles to jobs' to remove inferiority complex, so that workers could be proud and comfortable with their professional Titles.

These are:

1. Garden Boy ---- Landscape Executive and Animal Nutritionist

2. House Maid ---- Domestic Operations Specialist

3. Typist ---- Printed Document Handler

4. Messenger ---- Regional Business Communications Conveyer

5. Window Cleaner ---- Transparent Wall Technician

6. Temporary Teacher ---- Associate Tutor

7. Tea Boy ---- Refreshments Overseer

8. Garbage Collector ---- Public Sanitation Technician

9. Watchman ---- Area Theft Prevention and Surveillance Officer

10. Thief ---- Wealth Redistribution Officer

11. Driver ---- Automobile Propulsion Pilot

12. Mechanic ---- Automobile Propulsion Specialist

Please be advised accordingly


ablackjamesbond said...

lol...automobile propulsion pilot...OMG!!!

Very funny

Ms. Catwalq said...

I particularly love number 10 and 11
wealth distribution and automobile propulsion pilot. The first sometimes needs the second to operate...

Third World Profashional said...

temite is pushing it

Buttercup said...

glad u had a nice easter..my mum made mine nice by coming over!

gosh, i miss naija weddings.. :(

im sad about temite too :(

happy birthday to omotee!

lmaooooo @ the joke..5 & 10 esp cracked me up..

take care hon..

ScoopsNija said...

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LusciousRon said...

abalckjamesbond: That is a mouthful. I can't imagine calling a driver that.

Ms Catwalq: Abi now? Distributing wealth indeed!

TWP: I hope she reconsiders.

Buttercup: That is wonderful! Hope you had a fabulous time together.

I hope Temite changes her mind.

take care darling. Don't miss Chari too much!

ScoopsNija: Off to check the page.

Lolia said...

It can never just be "Wealth Distribution Officer" lol

Hope you have a great weekend! x

Original Mgbeke said...

LMAO @ those titles. Funny chit!

Woomie O! said...

He he he h eh eh.
You sure crack me up for good.
Wealth Distribution officer.

Woomie O! said...

He he he h eh eh.
You sure crack me up for good.
Wealth Distribution officer.

ibiluv said...

transparent wall technician..........hmmmmmmmm

easter weddings are so fun!!!!!!!

YNG said...

It kind of remainds me of primary/secondary school when they come up with weird leadership positions to make people feel better e.g. cleanliness monitor.... this post was funny..lol

Bibi said...

lmao @ wealth distribution officer. but the positions do sound much better.

Smaragd said...

i got this in my mail some time ago! hilarious i must say.

good for u, u had so much fun during the break that was too short for me...lol

I'll just go talk to my sis about this "privatisation", she's just flowing with the nigerian government fad, u must pardon her...lol

The Invisible Man said...

You trust! Naija must survive lol

theicequeen said...

heehee...automobile propulsion pilot...wealth distribution officer..transparent wall technician....bwahahaha...tew funny!..i can imagine all the meiguards dem struttin around informing people of their "position"

Tairebabs said...

The titles were all funny but for me nothing top wealth redistribution officer!

exschoolnerd said...

lol @ D NEW JOB TITLES...cn i steal it please!