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Friday, October 17, 2008

Government property!

I am having cramps right now but I had to come in to work, I am having issues with my boss. I can't go for lunch, the cramps is driving me nuts so I am blogging.

Back to this title, last Friday on my way home, I was speeding as I saw the light was still green so I wanted to beat it before it turns red. As I did, there was a lady in front of me and another driver behind me we all made it but were all stopped by the police, that we ran the amber light.

So I rolled down my window to talk to the policeman, he asked for my driver's license and I showed him, then he said I should bring it, I was like no. My experience with these people is once you give them, you won't get it back without parting with something or plenty police wahala.

This guy was like I should open the door that he is arresting me and we are going to their station I was like on top wetin? I refused to unlock the door so he put his hands through the window and unlocked the door! Before I could say WTF he was sitting in my passenger's seat instructing me to drive. I felt violated! I was so angry my entire body was shaking!

I asked him why he did that and he was like I was proving stubborn that I FLASHED him my license instead of handing it over. See me see me trouble! I looked around and saw that the other people whom they stopped with me had been 'released'. Na so my brain kick into overdrive.

He was like I ran a traffic light and they are charging me to court, that I didn't slow down at a traffic junction etc. When he mentioned court I laughed in my mind. I told him in as calm a voice as I could muster that that court he mentioned is my stage so he doesn't scare me. I am a lawyer ke!

That angered him he was like so because I am a lawyer I am above the law, I had no respect for the police, he just went on and on. A colleague of his then came over and he also asked to see my license me as a pro at these things, I simply showed it to him as I did, the contents of my wallet just tumbled out. Na so I see my yellow NYSC ID card I was so happy!

I have never played the Corper card before even though people have told me the power it wields. I just turned to the guy and said:
  • I haven't committed any crime and I didn't run the traffic light besides if anyone had run the light it should be the guy behind me.
  • The other two people they stopped for the same thing had been allowed to go and why were they still holding me?
  • I am a Corper.

As I said these, he was like the woman begged so they allowed her to go but me, I was playing with them and I wasn't even remorseful, I was like for real? Why should I be remorseful for something I haven't done?

His colleagues told him to allow me go as I was a Corper but this guy was just like no she must go to station. I looke at the guy and I told him I was driving nowhere do I look stupid? I will drive myself to a police station with him in the car then he will go and fabricate orisirisi story against me! No sir!

I even expected him to say something about my expired vehicle license which proclaims May 2008 but this fool didn't even realise that, all he cared about was how I was speaking to him and these are the same idiots that are entrusted with the safety of citizens!

After he made more noise and he realised he wouldn't get anything from me he got down and I almost ran over his foot! You guys should have seen his face as he was trying to cuss me out while looking down at his foot to make sure it was still there. I had a good laugh as I looked at him in my rearview mirror.

Then at my office, my oga said I should be transferred out of his dept as he couldn't manage me anymore! My outspoken self is too much to handle!

I was at CD (Community Development) yesterday when I got a call from one tatafo in the office that I wasn't been transferred anymore. Apparently the CEO said if my oga couldn't manage me then there was a problem. I have a sneaking suspicion that my 'transfer' had something to do with 'aboki lady/office brat'. Well they can't sack me I belong to the govt! I wish I had been in that meeting to see my oga's face when he was told that. NYSC sure has its uses, yes ke I am untouchable since I am government property for now!


simeone said...

very familiar story o..they've stopped my freind like tthat b4 then he explained to them calmly how he'z not guilty then they told him to go ..thats how they turned to the other offender "you see, dis guy no follow us argue" and they continued to hold the guy cos he was "arguing"..what a crime..
and those guys just like jumping into someone's car in a blink of an eye...
hav fun..

Omotee! said...

Ore mi, u no easy o!
Those police people sef, when hunger catch them for road, they can do anything, why would anyone jump into a car like that?! besides, i can tell u authoritatively, u aint supposed to hand over ur ID or License, u should flash it! sometimes for this reason, i want to join MOPOL, i for dey show them.
lol at omo government!

and whats with ur Oga not being able to manage u?!

LusciousRon said...

Omotee: Na so I see am o
I also told the olopa that I am supposed to flash it not hand it over. I tire for matter.

LusciousRon said...
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Anonymous said...

What!!! He got into your Car, oh hell nah. I cannot believe that. Thats so unprofessional. Is this same oga you bought socks for or I am confusing jists?? Do your thing jare, norin do u.

noelia ~ said...

cops are so stupid. i got pulled over once cause i didn't let them pass! i was pissed (duh!), but they didn't give me a ticket cause, i mean, what was he gonna put? "she didn't let me pass and now i'm sad" ??? ugh, i hate them.

Stingess said...

No be small thing. Na u biko. See as u dey run things for every corner. U for run the policeman over. No shakes, i for come follow u fight!

LusciousRon said...

Temite: Its the same oga o!
Noelia: Lol. I agree with you they are very stupid sometimes.
Stingess: I will call you next time I have similar issues.

naijalines said...

So there's something positive to be said about being a copper afterall;-)

Vera Ezimora said...


The Naija police system is so broken though. Imagine oh, no fear for police sef. Dem no born you well to try that one hear. Dem go just call backup on you. B4 you know it, na tear gas dem gon give you plus one night in jail straight away. lol.

bumight said...

you should have driven the idiot away to your office!

Buttercup said...

sowee bout the cramps!

nawa for naija police o..dont they give up??

sowee bout not being transferred o

Anonymous said...

You Lucious woman you, how you dey. I MISS YOU TOO O. Urmmm how is work treatin una?

OluwaDee said...

So being a coper has its advantages.

I learnt this vital lesson 2 years ago. never let a police man enter your car.

The yeye pple feel they can just unlock your door n ask you to drive to the station. Some even attempt to take your keys and drive the car themselves.

Don't let your oga scare you o. handle him with diplomacy.

LusciousRon said...

Oluwadee: Thanks I have handled my boss.
We are good for now.

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Your too funny! I love your attitude. I can just imagine the look on that police officer's face as your drove off. Lol@ being untouchable government property!!!

InCogNaija said...

i am yet to hear anymore about the Nigerian Police force that will shock me more than they have in the past...i mean, i have been robbed, and i mean robbed by them before...it gets no worse.
Anyways, omo, enjoy your NYSC perks jare. you earned it jare!