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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Work experience

Temite & Vera I noticed something went wrong yesterday, that post was supposed to be a comment on Inyamu's post. Blogger don craze. I saw it became a post by me today sorry for the confusion jare.
Vera: There is a post you missed check out the title 'Orisirisi'. It is just before this.

Which reminds me, there is employee appraisal going on at my work place. My Line Manager happens to be my friend and he was told by the COO that his own appraisal will be based on how he does mine as he thinks he will be biased in my case. What is up with that?

I have got two degrees for heaven's sake! Of course I am more capable than the girls in my unit not blowing my trumpet here. One of them is cute and all but I remember when we first resumed she didn't even know where the @ sign was on a computer and how to use a search engine or what google does; Hello she is supposed to be a graduate! No dissing here thank God she didn't use to babble about going to UNILAG. I would have ribbed her to no end. Then the other one is just here 'cos she just finished school and has nothing doing at home plus she has contacts that can get contracts for the office so? She is freaking lazy! Tell her to do anything and she just looks and complains that she is going home and doesn't have to be here, if she feels that way, why not go home?

She majored in French language and one day i said 'fromage' that's cheese in french, she told me I didn't pronounce it well that 'f' in french is pronounced as 'p' meaning 'promage' I was like isssh? Then it occurred to me she is a northerner I just kept my counsel. Also we had to go sign a contract at one international organization, the workers are mostly from French speaking countries, so the CEO took her along thinking she will be the interpreter, on getting there the CEO was bragging that they need not force themselves to speak English as he brought along a french speaker na so conversation start o! O boy she couldn't even interpret a lone sentence. I would still pay a million naira to see the look on my CEO's face again. What a laugh I had! I mean she spent 4 plus years studying the thing.

If she has any disagreement with anyone in the office, the COO tells us to apologize to her or take documents to her house. He does that to my Line Manager a lot. The day he tried it with me, I gave him an earful, I said respectfully and clearly that he never ask me such again. Who the heck is she? If she is here to work she had better be treated like any other employee.

I used to have a log thing for all our projects that I update regularly, when my responsibilities expanded I was told to delegate it to her, on doing so she refused to do anything about it, my boss then asked me to take it back, trust me I say lailai which kind yeye nonsense be that?

She doesn't even get up for lunch she sends the office messenger including getting fuel for her car. She comes late too, once she gets in she doesn't get back up until she wants to go home which is usually at anytime it suits her.

Then the cute one is very malleable she goes along with everything the boss says which earned her a place in his heart. Me? I am not a zombie I have a mind that works if I don't agree I voice it out, so I have been labeled argumentative. They rarely get a job done on time they now say the Line Manager is biased? Me I do my own o!

Then this afternoon she called to tell me the CEO said one person should attend an exhinition, I didn't even allow her land. Na me be one person abi? She dey craze! I went back to the office and she went on about how I didn't allow her talk and I was yelling at her, excuse moi? Me yell? I was in a client's office o!
Didn't speak to her till she left for the day what a brat.
I am getting back to my presentation jare.

The presentation is the conclusion of our appraisal my little madam has left imagine and she is supposed to present after me.


Anonymous said...

Eeya Pele Love. just do your best and leave the rest. ok. Goodluck O!

Abujamaiden said...

Lol! Funny how 'qualified' many graduates are.

Goodluck with service.

Afronuts said...

LMAO @ french speaking aboki lady

wow! its amazing how some co-workers tend to be so irritable if not doing all manner of eye-service just to kiss their oga's ass...

I feel u jare. It happens to me too.

Keep being urself. I like ur objectivity!
All the same no forget diplomacy oh

LusciousRon said...

Temite: Thanks jare

Abujamaiden: Na so we see am o!

Afronuts: Thanks jare.I will try and be diplomatic. I heard aboki lady i call her (office brat) told everyone she is not coming back to work. I say good riddance!

Dawn said...

I can totally related to all this work politics stuff. Just do what you have to do and try to ignore it, even thought it's hard!


best of luck oh. Office wahala is serious.


The Invisible Man said...

Life as suya.
Take care!

Vera Ezimora said...


I think your company has just been hiring anybody. Four year olds know where the @ sign on a compura is. lol. Hahaha.

And the French speaking lady?? Hehe. I woulda loved 2 see your boss's face too. Ha!

So Blogger went crazy on u ehn? Makes sense. I was starting 2 wonder

fantasy queen said...

what i've heard, french spoken with a yoruba accent, now with a hausa accent? lol

i guess i'm fortunate to have the most cooperative set of colleagues, although the big bad boss loves me(no i'm not the yes sir no sir type), i have not be alienated.

kudos to you for holding your own in the midst of all that madness, i'm sure they've all recieved virtual slaps in your head.

bArOquE said...

...what a bitch...as in, WHAT A FUCKIN BITCH...well, GOD go bless you, make you get better work wey you & better people go follow dey work...in JISOS name

LusciousRon said...

Vera: Thought you had abandoned me.

Fantasy Queen: What they recieved in my head pass virtual slap!

Baroque: Thanks for the prayer.
I can't wait for service to be over so I can move on!

Rachel said...

This is exactly why I hope to avoid offices. :)

ibiluv said...

that gal dey craze!!!!!!!!

speak on gal...me sef dem sabi me
for office i no be zombie!!!!!!!!

yankeenaijababe said...

Hey girl, love ya blog. I was linked to your blog from the Prawn link. I added you to my blog. I will be back.

LusciousRon said...

Yankeenaijababe: Will see ya

Ibiluv: I trust you

exschoolnerd said...

lol at later finding out she's a northerner....how do u cope with their lot i for done tear my hair out..

Oyinkansola ...Honeydropz....... said...

Sorry mein.
How do u cope?
What kind of people are you working with, How can someone at this day and age not know where the @ sign is

Buttercup said...

what??? 'f' is pronounced as 'p'??? hahahahaha!

sounds like theres never a dull moment at ur office..

hope ur presentation went well?