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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Got none

I thought about naming this post WHY? But I didn’t have that many questions to back it up.

I was sleeping but I couldn’t get comfortable so I have resorted to writing this since my mind has refused to shut down completely so I can sleep. My mind is overcrowded.

I am not too happy that I can’t seem to settle down enough to study for my ICSA exams.

I am not finding this funny at all. One of the courses is Corporate Financial Management (CFM) it’s driving me nuts! (I am taking the last two having completed the other two, I am self studying).

I don’t like maths. Give me hundreds of pages I am perfectly fine my brain will just keep assimilating but when it comes to calculation my brain just tunes out.

I told my Dad what was happening and can you imagine his reaction? He just started laughing! He reminded me of the war we used to have over all my maths results. And that I should go buy a secondary school maths text book!

When I got over the mild anger at him, I actually bought the text plus a scientific calculator only problem is trying to figure out how to use the dang thing! Or remembering what I used to do with it when I was in secondary school.

It was so annoying trying to explain to the guy at the bookshop the specific topics I wanted in the text. Ratios, square roots, fifth roots, equations, standard deviation etc.

Here’s my WHY dilemma.

Why can’t I understand simple mathematics?

Why didn’t I start to work out the CFM since I got it?

Why do I always do this to myself?

Why do I spend more time thinking about having a boyfriend than actually having one?

Why do I keep buying shoes that I only get to wear maybe once a year?

Why am I never satisfied with just one body spray at a time? (I must have at least 4)

Why do I always buy junk food that I would end up not eating? (My room is littered with shopping bags of all kinds of snacks)

Why am I a compulsive shopperholic?

Why do guys I am not attracted to always ask me out?

Why do my so called male friends always ‘fall in love’ with me and expect me to reciprocate?

Why can’t I even like them a little in that way since they are always basically good guys?

Why do I listen to D’banj’s album back to back everyday? (I am turning into a kokolet!)

Why do I chew gum every morning on my way to work?

Why am I upset about all these questions sef?

Why do I cyber flirt with guys I know I would never date?

Why am I typing this in word doc? (If I go to blogger I would stay up all night reading blogs so I will save it and post tomorrow)

Why am I still here? (Still have questions duh)

Why haven’t I made an entry in my journal in several months? (Blogging has taken over)

I think those are all the whys I want to put down for now. Work is back to its normal boring self. I am good with my boss now. Its 3 more months to the end of NYSC why not spend it just reflecting and chilling?

I can’t wait for the next phase of my life to begin. I don’t even know what I really want to be doing. I want to go and practice a little (I think!) hope I like it and not get stifled in the process.

I still can’t believe all that has happened in the past year. Time really does fly! Why am I even in this reflective mood tonight? I am going back to studying.

On a lighter note, I had one man chase me all the way to my work place this morning. I was coming to work jejely na so this man dey flash him lights and drawing up beside me at every opportunity. I didn’t even notice I was too engrossed in D’banj’s Entertainer album to see him. Finally when I passed the last traffic light to my Office my brain snapped out of the koko world enough to realize that the same car had been following me since I got into Central Area.

It was too late to change directions I was also kinda late so I just braved it and continued on my way to work. I parked outside and he drew up beside me. I know I should have gone on to park inside. The gateman wouldn’t open the gate for the man if I had done so, part of me was also curious to see the ‘bloke’.

I was disappointed. It’s an older guy whom I am sure has a wife somewhere. He is fortyish but very good looking plus I didn’t sight a ring. I know I won’t be fishing in those waters. We got introduced. He didn’t get my number not for lack of trying sha.

What did he do? He showed up at my lunch break asking to take me out. I didn’t go with him o. I had other plans which was going to Chicken Republic to get moinmoin.

Anyways I gave him my official number to save having him come around to the office trying to see me. I don’t have to pick his calls now.

I had whitlow last week! I was supposed to go for a party with Omotee on Saturday. I was wearing open toed shoes so I decided on a pedicure. It was an over-enthusiastic one. When I was done my toes were pink!

I ended up not going for the party sha. So I went to the market instead. It rained heavily while I was there and I knew in my mind that something would go wrong with my foot.

On getting home I washed my legs thoroughly I guess I didn’t do enough. I woke up on Monday to see my right big toe swollen and tender. Apparently I had broken the seal between the skin and nail while doing the pedicure.

I knew trouble had come. So I went to work, googled ‘whitlow’ and found a cure. I was popping antibiotics & vitamin c like it would go out of fashion. I hate taking drugs.

It worked but I had to contend with some limping for a few days and wearing flat sandals to work! Ouch! I was pained o, part of the fun of going to work for me is playing dress up. Anyhoos its all gone now and I am back to normal.

Enough said for today. I am either going to sleep or study! I think this is a long post, if it is Sorry!


Omotee! said...

awww, my poor darling, witlow?! may God punish anything trying to stop u from wearing those lovely shoes! meanwhile, can i come wear some of them for u meanwhile?! lol.

those whys, hmmmmmmmmm, i have like a zillion whys myself, i am inspired. like why cant i just have things work out for me the way i plan them?!!!! plenty things.

lol at SSCE maths, girl, i understand u perfectly, mass is my own personal demon. try and study dear, ko le daa naa ni.

Standtall said...

I have got another why forWhy must you u? do a course that involve calculation since you dont like it?

Wish I had answered same question b4 i wnet off to study Accounting (lol)

Aleta said...

Your post reminded me why I don't go for my Masters Degree. I have two bachelor's degrees and though I did well in Math, I didn't like it at all. Ugh.

Like you, I used to journal, but blogging has taken its place.

Enjoyed your "Why's" ~ I love asking other people questions that start with Why, but not myself. Lol.

yankeenaijababe said...

I can't believe I read the whole article. Very touching. You know concerning the maths thingy. You could check youtube.com or download stuff online concerning ti83 or graphical calculator. Try to practise at least 5 sumns a day and you would get better at it.

Just don't thread with a 40 something looking guy in Naija. His wife may have used magnum on him. Becareful for your life. You deserve better.

LG said...

WHYYYYYY am i just getting here? :-)
Pele abt d whitlow dear' thank God u r berra now

Anonymous said...

AH! Thought I left a message on here! Damn! Oh well. Pele o dear! Erhhhh I have a lot of whys too me self and I really dont like math either.

LusciousRon said...

Thank you all. Its getting a bit better I am just praying I get to answer a lot of theory questions instaed of the calculations!
Yankeenaijababe: Mr Forty is just going to be chalked down to a crazy moment in my driving experience.

Parakeet said...

God you scaring me...we're kinda alike with the men and shoe thing and of cos maths! I've decided to take a bold step in the men department and damn the consequence. Fear hinders you from living so go out of your comfort zone or what you're used to and see what happens. If things dont go well, you'll learn from it, dust your shoes and move on.

Its good to reflect sometimes though.

Vera Ezimora said...

You know I can help you with those shoes you buy that you only wear once a year. What size do u wear????

lol @ the man following u

And I totally feel you on spending more time thinking about having a boyfriend than actually having said boyfriend.

Funny stuff.

NigerianDramaQueen said...

I totally relate with not writing in your journal as much anymore because of blogging! Same with me. I also absolutely just dont like Math. Good luck with your exams. So many wHY'S...Such is life

LusciousRon said...

Vera: I wear size 41.
We should form a club for the boyfriend issue.
Nigeriandramaqueen: thanks

Smaragd said...

Maths haters unite!

Why do i like your blog template? *wink*

we always have questions ma'am, i guess it's one of the things that makes the world go round.

i also wish guys i dont like would stop asking me out and the ones i like would stop "being hooked" lol!

LusciousRon said...

Smaragd: I agree the liked ones should be free.

InCogNaija said...

i hear there is a herb that if you drink it, you will become very mathematically astute...ask Chike Obi.

LusciousRon said...

Incognaija: lol

MissLove said...

Damn! Can remember when I was in nij 06 xmas and I got a pedicure, the babe dddddestroyed my poor right foot! and I am with you on being a shopaholic plus a shoe collector..Like ur blog..would come bk and update often! lol

Queen of My Castle said...

Awwww, this was such a cute post. You kinda remind me of Smaragd. Too cute.

That guy was really toasting you sha!

So glad your foot is better. Nothing worse than being forced to wear flats against your will. LOL

Anonymous said...

Luscious ron or wetin be your name. If you were making a sarcastic comment, I go beat you o. No vex me at all! When I am done beating you i will also send awon boys to finish the job so gbo. I no dey joke o (I am beggining to believe I can actually do this, hehhehe). Fine girl, if you actually miss me then I gat nothing to tell you o since you know where I live and you can just come and visit. ehn!!

Anonymous said...

so you have decided not to update. Come back here before I come and beat you o! How is the math going?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, you ask so many questions; you sure you want me to tell you why?