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Monday, November 10, 2008

Still here

Sorry I haven't been updating as often as I should. I am still studying. Thank you all for leaving comments. It is getting better though. I am done reading the mathematical one now I am reading the easier one (Corporate Governance). It reads beautifully.

The chaser in my last post has finally stopped calling. Nothing new going on.
I am just really sick of these so called friend asking me out. I mean if you want to date me, start right off don't do through the ruse of 'just being my friend' and 3 months later you are singing a different tune. I am freaking upset. Don't blame me when I tell you not to cross the line, don't tell me you are simply expressing your feelings for me, it gets me angry. Why can't you just shut the hell up and stay in the friend box. If I had any glimmer of feelings for you trust me you wouldn't be in the friend list.

My parents 25th wedding anniversary is in December, I don't know what to get them. I am the first and I know my siblings are waiting for my thoughts on the subject. Being in different places is not helping the matter. If you have any idea pls share with me.

After almost 4 months of silence my ex sent me 'hei' on my fb chat and immediately logged off. I mean what is up with that? If he has anything to say to me he has
all the means of getting in touch, what did he think? that I would call him? No way!

I don't know why some people act the way they do. One of my friends called and said she will be staying with me for a week, I say fine but I am traveling at the weekend and you start harassing me about where you will stay before I return. What has that got to do with me? I have planned this trip for weeks and you tell me I should come back on Saturday so you can come on that day and then she goes on telling what to bring for her from Lagos, including the shoes she will wear while with me, I was so livid I wanted to tell her not to even bother again if you can't come on Sunday when I will be back, then stay where you are stop bothering me. My life doesn't revolve around you. I am the hostess, you should plan your stay around what is comfortable for me not making annoying demands on my time!

I have a short fuse these days. People just take you for granted. Some expect me to take them around to wherever they are going just because we are leaving a place together. You are not buying me fuel neither am I your designated driver get a cab. Why should you be costing me extra money when I am saving you a few bucks?
Its a different thing if I offer to take you, don't make it a right that because I have a lot of time on my hands I want to spend it driving you around!

We should consider how others feel when we make demands.

Sorry for the randomness of the post.
I need to get back to work.


Sting said...


I'm late for work. Will comment later.

InCogNaija said...

pele...just take deep breaths.
hope ypur fuse elongates soon

exschoolnerd said...

like incog says...breathe!!! i know people cud be annoying at times but try not 2 let it get u all worked up...

Vera Ezimora said...

LOL @ the friends tryna date ya. One of those things. It's because you're too fine oh, my dear.

Way to go... on finishing the math

Anonymous said...

I am vewy proud of you lovey! Good job, enjoy the other one too. Ha as per the friends, na because you are such a nice and lovely person, on top of that you add beauty! BAM!!!! They want to be your special friend. No mind them jare, take it as a compliment. As per your fuse, just blow up men that should teach any suckers tryna take advantage of my dearest Lucious. Ok love goodluck. I have like 10 minutes to turn in my assignment. off I go but not before I blow you a Temite kiss. HA! Do you feel the glow? You have been kissed by an angel, your life cannot be the same. hehehe!

LusciousRon said...

@Sting: Hope you didnt get in trouble for lateness.

Incognaija: I hope the fuse gets long too. lol

exschoolnerd: Thanks by the time i finish breathing I should have a clear head.

Vera: Thanks. Fine girl boku for area

Temite:Thanks i can feel the glow from the kiss in fact I have a peaceful feeling wash over me. Hope you get an A in the assignment.

bArOquE said...

the people around me know that i'd rather catch syphillis & die than make a detour for you, when i'm not outrightly offering...i would rather ride alone, to start with, before you break the door handle again

...btw way, there's nothing like a friend box...that you guys were initially friends, DONT MEAN JACK...you guys can get attracted & fall for each other...if you dont like him like that, just say so, dont give us that ' just being friends/cross the line' crap...

now, seeing that you're upset alot recently, 'm sure your fuse wont let you bother much, so depending on your siblings, if everyone has an income, you guys can buy individual stuff for your folks...

forget the ex...& best wishes with Corporate Governance

Funms said...

people could be selfish and its good u stood ur ground........ take it easy.......
on ur parents anniv, prob u and ur siblings could send them on a vacation? just a thought

Queen of My Castle said...

LMAO @ 'shut the hell up and stay in the friend box.' That was too cute.

Breathe in, breathe out...repeat as needed. Don't allow people to stress you out.

*Rolling my eyes at your ex-boyfriend* Some people are so silly.

Take care luv


NigerianDramaQueen said...

Keep the ex in the ex box
Lol@ shut the hell up and stay in the friend box

As for all these people that try to take you for granted, please let them now what it is! You are not anyones driver of hotelier...see how im even vexing for you sef!

Hmmm...maybe you guys should do individual gifts for your parents anniversary if its hard to coordinate

Nefertiti said...

Go on 'head speak your mind girl. Tell those suckers to stay in the 'friend box'. LMAO Still, take it all in stride. You know some people pray to even be acknowledged by the opposite sex- friend or foe.

Happy anniversary in advance to your mama and papa. I agree with all those who say get them gifts individually. Unfortunately, I'm not very creative at giving advice on what to buy adults. I usually stick with boring stuff like his and hers watch set, or His n hers fragrance set, pathetic, yeah I know... at least I gave a disclaimer ;-)

bArOquE said...

@NDQ, stop sounding it like it was origianlly your idea....pssst!

@nefertiti, we do the same kinds of gift thingz...his/hers watches & perfumes

sorry Lucious for yarning on your spot, i just had to tell NDQ smthn!

OluwaDee said...

I think you should say some of these things to d pple stressing you.

You can make a portrait for your parents. Get a pic of them together, and give it to an artist to paint.

LusciousRon said...

Baroque: Where have you been? Thanks for the gift idea and for wishing me luck.

Fumms: Good idea when they hit 30 yrs together.

Queenofmycastle: I am breathing like Toni Braxton. Your take on my ex echoes my sister's comment. Thanks for the hug.

Nigeriandramaqueen: The ex is in his box. I am trying to find a subtle way to tell these people without being harsh. Thanks for the gift idea.

Nefertiti: I wish they would listen to what you said. We have done the watch and perfume before. Thanks though.

Oluwadee: How is hubs? Do you know a good painter? Getting a pix of the two of them wearing the same outfit is going to be difficult sha. I will try to speak out without hurting anyone's feelings.

Thank you all for taking time out leave a comment and generally making me feel better.

miz-cynic said...

yes o this is ur blog o...vent au u want. nothing do u....this blog u created with all of ur strength should be there for u wen u want to vent and scream and do all u wana to these pple whom u cant shout to their face. nonsense!.baroque-me i no agree with u on this one o.if u know say chances dey for u to dey attracted....while shortchange urself by being all buddy buddy...thts why they say men are frm mars...women are frm venus.....once u are in the friend box.....u remain thr o....infact u as a prospective toaster shd not accept the friend box even if it is given to u on a platter of gold.unsharp lots.....pschewwwwwwwwwwwww..i know im all worked up....kila gbe ...kile ju right?

tankojjetty said...

so really ow many people u punched yet?....lol
guys do not just learn>>>if u want to date a chick,let her know now not in 3 months....chai
atleast u get it out then she can dump u and life goes on...abi

LusciousRon said...

Miz-cynic and tankojetty I totally agree. with you.

Tigeress said...


As for ur male friends- a day might come when u'll see where they are coming from. make sure u keep the friendship.

Aphrodite said...

Am still thinking of what to get my parents for their anniversary which is really soon so i cant help on suggestions.

Easy girl.

MissLove said...

I feel u on that whole friends page...gosh! some people are just opportunists its so annoying..

your ex needs to get a life..in fact most guys exs need help!

dont have any clue for anniversary gifts :(
take care xx

Buttercup said...

Its like this is the season for 'the return of the ex'!

Well, as baroque said, its very possible for friends to start gettin attracted along the way..its up to u to shut them down.

As for ur parents, an all expenses paid trip to a place like obudu cattle ranch...or anywhere affordable sha..

Good luck with the studyin babe!

Anonymous said...

Sweerry I am missing you o. I beg come and update us o jare.