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Monday, December 1, 2008

Been gone for a minute

Been gone for a minute! Missed you all! I didn’t even check my mails! The exams had me. Haven’t been to work in a full week and I had to come in today. I am so exhausted. My eyes are droopy and closing at their own will. Haven’t been sleeping well ‘cos of exams thank God its over now.

After my law school exams, I swore no exam would scare me again but then each one has its own peculiarity. The first one was a bit difficult I did my best though hope it goes well. The second one was really good. Those stupid calculations came in every way imaginable. In one of the question I multiplied instead of dividing I am still a bit miffed over that.

On the morning of the exam, my calculator refused to come on I was angry and praying my enemies will not succeed. Hehehe! To think that was the second calculator I purchased for that exam. The first one fell and started misbehaving. To put it on I had to smack it onto a hard surface. I finally bought a new one which was perfectly fine on Monday evening.

Went for a wedding at the weekend it was alright I actually had fun and I didn’t want to go before because my exams were coming up during the week I am glad I did sha. I met up with this guy whom I had a little crush on at one time. I knew he liked me then but something happened more gist later if it goes well.

Temite tagged me in the 2 truths and a lie but I couldn’t come up with anything so I am setting out my quirks instead. I will post my truths and lie soon.

•I am allergic to perfume but I wear it all the same. I spray it on my clothes before I wear them. To use body spray I leave my room for the bathroom then I come back, you should see the way I run around the room like a headless chicken trying to diffuse the scent. It’s ridiculous ‘cos its on my body and I can’t get away from it so I always end up sneezing for the first two hrs of each day. My mum has named me the ‘Tissue Queen’ and my friend said she will buy me a whole truckload of tissue as a wedding present!

•I love biscuits and cookies, my family and friends call it an obsession. I go to shops almost on a daily basis to restock. I love fox biscuits and chocolate digestives!

•I love accessories so much I went to learn how to make it so I can save myself some money as well as create whatever I want.

•I read all sorts of books story books included. I once went to the Nu metro section at the Galleria and descended on the children’s books. I sat on the floor and I started reading!

So, that is a few of the silly things I do. It’s good to be back, I can go back to normal life without any guilt of abandoning my books. Yay!

Mini update: Thank you all for leaving comments on my last post and for the suggestions on the anniversary plans. We have decided to throw them a party with all the fan fare, hope they love it.

Its the 1st of December, what happened to the other 11 months? It seems like yesterday that I was wondering when service will come to an end now the end is nigh and I am wondering what happened.

I know the year has been good. I achieved all the important goals I set for myself, I am feeling pretty smug about that. Hope I get a big Xmas present in the form of a fantastic job offer though.

I guess I will stop at this point. Have a great week everyone.


Anonymous said...

AND SHE IS BACK. Welcome back boo. I missed you so much. You wont believe everything that happened to me while you were gone. Geez so many gists. WOW. That rymed. I should be a rapper. (hehehe). I order you to go and read all the posts you've missed on my blog. Anyhoos Glad your exam went well. I am uber Proud of you. Goodluck on the job thing. Peace and love. And goodluck planning your parents thingy, Am I invited?

LusciousRon said...

Temite: Of course darling just send me your contact details so I can get you ticket *wink*

I have missed you o! We will record your album together. Thanks include me in your prayers that I won't have to rewrite that CFM. I will go check the archives.

Omotee! said...

sweetie, good to have u back. ntwayz, av seen u now?

Anonymous said...

Sweerie, when are you going to come and update ehn? Shall I come and spank it out of you?

LG said...

helloooooooooooo' anybodi home????
i ve got sum hampers 4 u :)
*merry christmas

LusciousRon said...

I am here. Sorry all just been on holiday.