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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Funny Dudes

Hello all, I hope everyone is having a good time. Is it me or some men are just totally clueless about some women?

I wonder why men who want to date me make suggestions like me visiting them in their states! I mean ain't you the one 'toasting' me? I have and will NEVER make such a trip. Why would I leave my house and travel all the way to make a visit with you when all you is just talk to me on the phone? Why don't you try visiting me first and see how it goes?

Such is what I have been getting since I arrived. The first guy asked me when I would be coming to Ibadan. I laughed inwardly, I am yet to visit my Grandmother who stays there, it is you I will now visit, puhleeeeeeeeeese. That is why men take women for granted I think. Why would I want to endanger my life on that perilous useless express-way to come visit you?

Another asked me when I would be coming to Warri, wetin I wan come buy for there? I have no business in those places. I don't make such visits, the next thing I heard was, you are a big girl now. Big girl or not, I am not interested in visiting people. I don't understand why people just make such assumptions that you would come running when they say so. Again, why do guys just go loving up on you on the BB in 24hrs when 48 hrs before you didn't exist in their orbit? I adopt the siddon-look attitude, shebi you are fooling yourself ni not me.

That is it for today. Wish it was written better but I just had to get that ish off my mind. I am beginning to get pissed off at all the 'when are you coming to so so place' requests. Get off my case brother, only in your dreams will I make such a trip!


Luscious LU said...


So...we both are Luscious ehn?the name ttracted me and your blog is interesting and real.

Well, i do hope you have told those brothers as much, yeye people. Is it only Warri? Mscheeew. The annoying part is girls actually do it, if not they won't be asking you.

read the vaccum post, exactly how i feel now (we seem to have a lot in common) My sister too got married in July,its still a bit hard but guess we'll adjust.

LusciousRon said...

Luscious LU: My fellow lushy :D Thanks. I have told the brothers not to bother! It's annoying that ladies do it.
I am getting used to the absence though. I wish your sis a very happy married life.

2cute4u said...

Don't mind them..
It's the in thing in 9ja o..
Someone said it's their way of knowing how serious you are..

Tisha said...

I think the terms my own toaster
used was that he'd send me tickets to come down to PH to see him
Those PH people are notorious for doing that.
I did not even think about it
Just didn't pick his calls until the weekend was over.

lol, its in vogue
decide what you will take and what you won't take.

Myne Whitman said...

Ha, funny topic. I guess if you like the guy enough and he shows he cares in other ways, one could consider it.

@2cute, is it girls that will now show seriousness by travelling? SMH...

LusciousRon said...

2cute4u: Really? Na wah o

Tisha: LOL! Men sha, I am going nowhere!

Myne: I wouldn't consider it. But I am with you how is it that it's the girl that has to show seriousness? I tire for naija o!

LG said...

Baby wen r u coming to visit me????

2cute4u said...

@Myne.. Lol.. That's exactly what it means o..
Niaja men want to know how far you can go before they 'stress' themselves over you..
I'm really serious!
The cure is..
Ignore them and show them you care less and they'd come running..

LusciousRon said...

LG: You know for you I would do anything *wink*

2cute4u: Na wah o. I like that your cure method!

ibiluv said...

dem dey craze

especially dat yeye road to ibadan


no mind dem *i love you*

after 48hrs?asswipes....

Anonymous said...

The season (oops, spirit) of asking.....

When shall thou come to Lagos?

Parakeet said...

I really dont know wasup with men these days. They just dont wanna make any effort anymore.

ziariz said...

don't mind them jo...they want you to spend your money travel down so that they can shag for free.
Men who keep saying you should travel and visit them are never serious.

ziariz said...

I must clarify though, men who keep saying you should travel down and visit them when they haven't made any efforts whatsoever to get on a plane and visit you..are not worth talking to...