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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Currently on my mind

Fistly, happy birthday to Myne Whitman, hope you had a blast!
Omotee, I dey vex. That cake for Myne, I am envious!
RIP to the Cunning Linguist. Very sad but God knows best. May your family have the fortitude to bear the loss.

By the way, I can't leave comments on blogs today! Don't know what is wrong with blogger o. I like the sound of LG's register idea. Omotee knows me and my entire family we went to high school together. :D I by 2014 we would have been friends for 20yrs! I can't wait to celebrate that, we will have a sumptuous do celebrate. May God keep us beyond that time.

To my post of the day, it's official, I am BORED! I am not actively job searching anymore no one is returning my calls. Plus I still have to go for graduation. So I will keep chilling.

Something that has been bothering me, why do guys misbehave in a relationship? You break up and after sometime, they want to come back. I am asking because all my exes always come back.

Is anyone worried about the current rise in floods in Nigeria? I went to Lokoja last week and the level of water was alarming. It had covered some houses entirely and all that was visible were the roofs. I took pictures and said out loud that I wonder if the State government is thinking of doing something. I think I spoke too soon because it was on the news last night and the government is calling on the Federal Government to do something about the River Niger. Why is it that our government is useless? They have no rescue plan whatsoever on the floods save for Lagos State. I pray the people affected get some relief.

I wonder if the government can pass a law that dragging and touching people in the market is technically an assault. I dread going to the market, all those guys, shouting 'my colour, come buy' etc it freaks me out! I love shopping and I know most of the nooks and crannies of Lagos market but having being absent for some time I fear my re-entry. I say this because I have to follow a friend there today. I wish I could call her now to cancel but I can't, having cancelled twice already. So here I am clinging to the bed instead of getting a move.

Oh well, it's the middle of the week, hope you are all being the best you can be. Enjoy the rest of the week. I apologise for the randomness. Please show this girl some love I would really really appreciate it. http://bnuitville.blogspot.com/ Can anyone guess who she is?


LG said...


as for the ex(s) *hiss n walks off*

bnuitville said...

well me ofcourse.

For the market just ignore the market people, at least until the government does something about it. And if not pray (lol)

As for the flood, it is very disheartening why can't the state government do something about it, why should they continue to wait on the federal government? Don't they get allocation specifically for natural disasters? Let me not start with them. all I am going to say about this is that they are useless and they need to stop planning (because i know that they all have plans) and start acting.

For the guys, they all want what they cannot have,especially when it is obvious that another person is there. My advise either ignore them or list out conditions (i am sure this will send them running faster than you can say "here is my terms", if they are not serious).

As for the boredom we all experience it. my advise is try to do something that you love doing and think up ways you can make money out of it.

Thanks for the recommendation.

Myne Whitman said...

Thank you so much for the shout out. That Omotee's cake was great right? LOL..

For the guys that want to come back, hmmm...you have to look at the situation. It's hard to move on for most of us sha so I can understand why they come back, and I'm sure you're a nice girl.

Find something to keep busy, visit the orphanages, shop :), etc..

leggy said...

i actually really enjoy the market scene in naija, ive missed it and cant wait to go back.

LusciousRon said...

LG: You get a clap for your first! :D

Bnuit: I ended up not going to the market.

Myne: You are welcome but I am still 'jealousing' you :D. I will try to visit an orphanage, that would be an experience.

Leggy: I used to enjoy the market but now, I can't even understand my aversion to it!

Omotee! said...

Awww, sweetie! Its really been wonderful knowing you too. looking fwd to 20 and many more years by God's grace.

Exes, *sighs*. that veil falls off after they leave and realise what they've done. click the omnibus button - IGNORE!

not just the floods, the weather, everything. the global warming thing is getting "realer" by the day.
God help!

dont worry, u'll get a sexy cake from me, thats a done deal

ziariz said...

the flood thingie is really bad and i am especially scared for the whole bar beach in Lagos scenario because we are just not equipped to deal with it. I pray it never happens.