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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just how many is too much?

The wedding is two weeks away! I miss her very much already. That is why I came home early, to spend more time with her before she leaves! It would be so strange to wake up in the morning and not see her beside me. We have shared a room and finally a massive bed to create more space for as long as I can remember.

I watched her grow up, from being the cutest thing into a strong minded woman. From copying everything I did to exchanging words with me to correcting me when I am wrong. It has been an amazing journey and I can't believe this girl whom I would always see as my baby sister is getting married!

She sometimes call me mummy! My voice sounds so much like our Mum's that when I call her she says yes mummy! I even capitalise on that sometimes to get her to do some chores! :D

She said just this morning, (after she woke up at 6.38, late for work already!) that Mum does not bother to ensure she is awake early again since I arrived and I responded that her second mummy is back now so why bother? We laughed about it while she said, she is having anxiety attacks and she can't believe she is leaving in two weeks!

I thought September was far away! Now it's here and we can only count days. She is just so amazing and if I had handpicked my sister, I couldn't have done a better job!

Back to today's topic, our room looks like a bomb explosion site. Thanks to packing and unpacking. She has started packing and is complaining about all the suitcases filled with my clothes that must be empty so she can use them to pack her stuff. Then she jokes about my lingerie, that she could write a book on them!

I know I have quite a number, make that a lot! We have both resorted to keeping a giant vacuum bag to drop whatever we wear after washing so that we can go through them all! The ones I left before I travelled are still untouched in their various bags and none of us wants to even open the wardrobe to find out what is there! It is daunting as she rightly said! So just how many is too much? I know I have more than 150 brassieres, I just love the damn things and I am one of those people that can get away with not wearing one. I do it sometimes especially when the heat is too much.

As for panties, well we are not even going to count or attempt to and I love basques too. On the subject of clothes, I am afraid for myself. Our Dad believes that every occasion needs a new native cloth so he just buys, so I attempted to clear out some from the wardrobe, so that I can unpack some suitcases and fill them with the natives instead since I rarely wear them. I wish I hadn't started. They are just too many. I got so tired that I simply started shoving everything from the suitcases into the wardrobe without folding them. Our dressing room is overrun with cases, we have a narrow path to walk through and then there is this mini room that we designated a prayer room, but now you can barely fit in a mat to pray simply because of our suitcases.

Our Dad is tired of complaining, last week he said, we have about half of the house between us and that is too much. We disagree with him of course! He is a shopaholic too and I take after him. I arrived about a week ago, and during the week, he came home with a bag for me, when I opened it, more shoes! And he is the one that complains that I have far too many shoes. The funny thing is, we have the same size and the unfortunate thing is, no one else in the house shares our size! He is a 41 and so am I! In the three homes we have, he has racks of shoes stretching from wall to wall, the difference between him and I is that I like to have all my shoes in one place.

So I will miss my sister sorely. I already do but I am also looking forward to having her wardrobe space to myself, the shelves, dressing table, shoe racks gosh! I will miss waking up in the middle of the night to tell her to move over, telling her to switch off the light etc.

Here is to my sister my very own ever sparkly, keep me grounded, part-time hairdresser, nail-polisher, cook, drive me crazy, sparring partner, go-to-girl, financial advisor/planner and so much more HAB, I love you so much, I always will be here for you like I always tell you, your hubby is so lucky, your kids are going to be so lucky for having you as a mother! Remember you are to send them to me for some discipline and fabulosity like you always say, and I am sending my kids to you to get away from my sometimes crazy hare-brained fashion ideas (Like the time I decided I wanted short hair and a different colour) and cooking experiments! I will also try not to drag them on my all day shopping trips so as not to kill them like you say.

I love you so very much, I never get tired of saying that. And I am going to miss your 'love you' call outs when you are leaving the house. Have a very happy married life sweetness, you deserve it and much more.


blogoratti said...

That was beautiful!
Congratulations to your sister-and to you all. Cheer!

Afronuts said...

Aaaawww...this is so cute.
Most sisters I know beef each other all the time but this is very warm loving and different

LG said...

awwww congrats to ur sis'
*wat did u get for her???

Ms. Catwalq said...

In wish her all the best too?. Maybe the week just before, take her away for a day or two. Just a day's trip somewhere. Something for herself...what says you?

LusciousRon said...

Blogoratti: Thank you

Afronuts: Thanks, we don't beef because we realise when all is gone, all we really have is each other. :D

LG: Thanks! What I got for her? Hmmm I am still paying for it :)

Ms Catwalq: That is a good idea, thanks.

Parakeet said...

Aww...wishing your sister a happy marriage when she finally walks down the aisle. I'm always jealous of people like you who have sisters.

Do enjoy the day.

leggy said...

awww..this is just too sweet.
i wish her a very happy married life.

My world said...

Congrats to your sister :))