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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Home and Away....Several months after

Hi People! I know I have been a lazy gal. Hope everyone is doing greaaaaaaaaaaat! The past few months have been indescribable. So many things to talk about, hope I won't get lazy about it again.

My dissertation went way better than I expected! I thought it would be hell. It was a lot of hard work but my Supervisor was very supportive, I know most of my classmates had a very rought time with it. I am glad mine went smoothly.

My baby sis is getting married and I am so happy! I will make a post specially for her. Wedding is a month away now. I am just so excited. I was in charge of my favorite activity... shopping! I had a wild good time. My goodness! It was fabulous. I had to ship 6 suitcases home!

This is a mini post, thank you to everyone who left a comment on my last post and who checked up on me. I wanted to post but in between watching several series, yoruba film (Yes... I am a fan!), online and high street shopping, making day trips round Scotland (Y'all should visit some day, is VERY beautiful) and a myriad of other activities, I have had little time.

The summer was very bried but the sunset and sunrise left me saying OMG everytime. There were days I slept at 6am and I watched a new day unfold all I can say is God is wonderful. Nighttime during summer in Scotland lasted about 3 and a half hours so it's not much fun sleeping.

Missed this space. Will make the rounds soon. I am going back to bed, this Ramadan is going good. Cheers everyone and I wish you all the best. My eyes hurt already so I apologise for any typos!


Myne Whitman said...

Great to read from you again. I miss Scotland sometimes, lol. Congrats to your sis and happy Ramadan.

LusciousRon said...

Myne! It's been ages! Thanks, hope you are good and how are the book sales?

2cute4u said...

Hope you have cool fun.. and Congrats to your sister..

blogoratti said...

Hey congratulations to your sister...all the best!

miz-cynic said...

i just wan hail and say ramadan kareem.