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Monday, October 19, 2009

Lusciously Random!!!

Hi everyone, how have you been? I am fine thanks for asking! I finally got my blogging mojo back. Don't blame me, blame school. If I hear 'you to work hard 'cos this school is one of the top 20 law schools' one more time, I will scream!

Work load is crazy! Considering I am taking just two modules. My lectures are on Mondays only so my weekend is always hard pressed trying to finish up my reading list for the week.

I am loving it though. The French University accepted me so it is Salut! in Febraury to France. I have started French classes. It's fun, the other students are a riot! And the man paying the bill accepted. In fact, he said it was a great idea. I am so pleased.

I haven't cooked a meal since my brother left! It's always noodles, muffins or fruits! I have broken the jinx today! I diced up all the large pepper in my fridge, all 5 of them, added mushrooms, onions, minced meat and some diced turkey laps and voila! A pot of stew!

I also cooked ogbono with okro with shrimps and every other thing I could squeeze into the pot. My English flatmate asked if it was curry sauce, I told him what was in it he said- it sounded complicated!

I went for a flat party the other weekend. It was hosted by my Norwegian classmate. It was fun, I met her Nigerian flatmate, who cooked jollof rice! I was so excited I was just grinning like an idiot. I ate till I couldn't talk! The Oyinbo partygoers said the rice was too spicy! and that we were playing with our liver. I have never heard of such a thing. I had mad fun.

I thought it was a pretty good party until the Naija girl brought her stereo with loud speakers and started playing D'banj's Suddenly! Omo, at that point, I lost it! All the four Naija girls present just started displaying. I think that was the best fun I have had since I arrived. The Oyinbo girls wanted to know why our waist moves like that.

I went shopping last weekend for some leather boots, the prices almost gave me a corollary! I went on ebay and I got some fabulous boots for way cheaper! All pure leather and I think I got carried away with the number I got. Can I wear leather knee high boots in Naija? That is the only explanation for buying 4. I spent Sunday on ebay! I will be drinking Garri for the next few weeks.

I went to Glasgow on Wednesday, I was alone so it wasn't much fun. I plan to go back. I was attending a Graduate's Fair. I missed my bus, I had to buy another ticket which cost me as much as the return ticket. What was most annoying was, I got there as the bus was pulling away. :(

I am soooooo glad I went with the kinky braids, its still looks so neat and my hair is not even 'chopping'. I oil it everyday sha. Yesterday, as I was performing the rituals, I swung my hair, and the bottle of oil just tipped. Thank God I had only just started, I used my hair to clean up the mess! And claened up the rest.

On a good note, I am going home for Christmas! I so can't wait! I will make another hair, take some of my stuff home so I won't have too much luggage for France. win win for all. I must say thank you to my motehr for making it possible. She was supposed to come visit me in December before, she said I should come home instead and use her ticket!

I think I have rambled on enough. Sorry for the lack of theme. I will be visiting pages a little at a time. Looking at all the posts I have missed is a bit overwhelming. Forgive if I don't come by your page.

BTW:- I heard in Naija bukas, they have started calling 'snail' Y'ardua! No be from my page you read am o! LOL.


Myne Whitman said...

Nice to hear from you at last. And you've settled down nicely. I didn't get to travel till easter when I went to Edinburgh. How's the weather this year? All the best.

ShonaVixen said...

Glad you can blog again!! Missed you hon!Yay to France

LusciousRon said...

Myne: Weather has been great so far. Turning wintry now. Thank you. Settling took about a month!

Shona: It's all about the will power! Missed you too.

Nice Anon said...

You seem to be having a ton of fun already. Cool stuff.

doll said...

school in france...sounds like fun...congrats

doll said...

school in france...sounds like fun...congrats

Rita said...

Your stew makes me hungry...welcome back and glad to know you are doing ok...

Anonymous said...

Quite funny about the jollof rice and dance moves. We naija people know how to party eh?

Anonymous said...

you just made me want to eat okra right now.whats up with these nigerians talking about food on blogville eh?mscheww
and telling us you are going back for christmas whil eim stuck in this country isnt funny and fair at all.i mean seriously.
you sound like you are having lotta fun oh.

LusciousRon said...

Nice Anon: I make something out of everything. Thanks :)

Doll: I hope its fun

Rita: I will save you some :)

Lucidlilith: I couldn't agree more.

Leggy: Sorry. I will bring something back for promise?

Writefreak said...

Welcome back...glad you got to cook..eat good food o! lol
And as for the kinky braids, washing and oiling usually makes it look better..

Original Mgbeke said...

I love this random post, you see to be having mad fun. At least your flatmate didn't run from the smell of the soup. And France in January? I'm jeloxxxx. Plus Naija this xmas ke? ah ah...remain for us ooo.
I enjoy reading your updates and no worries I will fedex you some of that my mama's fish. :-D

Omotee! said...

wetin concern oyinbo with ogbono soup? LWKMD!
here i was bothering over u, hoping u were not too lonely not knowing ur life is mad fun at the mo! shio! happy for u tho.

good to have u back

BSNC said...

You are having fun o. i just remembered i have not eaten since morning, look at how you just made me hungry..

How body...

Tigeress said...

Glad to see u're having fun.

For those of us going to Naija for xmas- i hope we all have a blast!

Vera Ezimora said...

Bia, did you use any stew in that your tomato???

LOL @ calling snails Yaradua. Hahahahaha.

I don't know what you mean by saying you've gotten your blogging mojo back, but I've got news for you missy: your last update was on Oct 19th!

Vera Ezimora said...

I meant to ask if you have tomatoes in your stew .... not stew in your tomatoes ...

m1ke said...

hw school. welcome back.


congrats on getting accepted. Terribly exciting!

Snails are now being called Yar'Adua?