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Monday, December 7, 2009


Its been more than a month! Sorry peeps, no one told me LLM was this hard! I am still awake at 4 am. Its been like this for about 5 weeks now. Ko easy o

I have exams tomorrow since its Monday already. Hmmn. So tired I need a masseuse like crazy. My bcak aches from staying up all the time. Wishes...lol

I can't wait for Friday when I will be done with the exams, I will go out all night and sleep all through Saturday and go shopping on Sunday! I am so not serious

Exams is like an essay o, imagine essay questions but you have to memorise all your answer or better still learn it before going to into the hall. It is a seen a exam so the standard is way high! Plenty research. I am sure by the time I am through with this program, I will be wearing spectacles! I am always reading. Kai..

This is meant to be a short post. I hope my much loved cyber friends are doing great. I apologise for not paying visits. School work is crazy here!

I have even run out of food and can't spare a moment to go grocery shopping! I had to drink Garri yester-night (Saturday). And I have been doing some dry food runs. I can get home delivery from Asda but I can't even go to their website right now.

I was so hungry yesterday (Sunday) that I got off the bed and left the books aside to go make lunch, I thought since I didnt have anything, I could make tuna sauce with canned tomatoes. I happily started cooking thinking, I could eat it with potatoes at least, I checked the cupboards..... Zilch! Nada! Not even a tiny scope of it. And the stupid stew was done!

Was I to lick stew and drink water with the hunger, I say lai lai, I no fit! I don't even have rice. I swallowed my Naija pride and asked my flatmate for bread! I am not leaving my books.

Silly me. After Tuesday's paper, I am so going to get some milk and bread. I cant stand dry cereal anymore haba I am not here to starve. I even ran out of buscuits! Since when do I ever run out of junk food?

That is my dry life as a student for now. life returns to normal from Friday! I can't wait. And more blogging power then. Let me catch some sleep will be up in the next 2 hrs anyways. Arrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


Gee said...

All the best!

blogoratti said...

Yea all the best and more blogging power to you,wink*

miss b said...

ahn ahn babez u r a serious student oh, me i just finished my disso and i defo did not work half as hard u are now!!

Fluffycutething said...

When you pass in flying colours, it'll be worth the "starvation"!!!!

All the best girl :D

mizchif said...

All the best with sch wahala. Abeg try and feed urself oh, don't go getting an ulcer.

Nice of you to check in.

Myne Whitman said...

Good luck in your studies girl but get something to eat oo, LOL

My World said...

From the name LLM only,I salute you...all da best!

Ms. 'dufa said...

Chei ya. During my exams, i didnt eat for a whole day and ate just two packets of noodles every other day..smh...things we do for education. this too shall pass.