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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hi people! Thank you all for your comments on my last post. I had a good laugh with the suggestions. Idiots they are. I changed the location in the mails just in case. Actual location is Scotland. I had actually typed a response to them when I got a genuine response form a Landlady, so I didn't bother to send it. Finally I have a place to stay. All details have been finalised.

I am exhausted. Preparation is not easy o! I don't know what to buy again. Any suggestions? I have bought most of my toiletries (the ones that will be difficult to get unless I go to London). I haven't even started packing. I am reserving next week for that.

Is it wise to go with kinky braids? I don't know which to choose between normal braids and afro kinky. On the plus side, I bought like 6 wigs. (Not excessive). If anyone knows where they make African hair in Scotland please let me know. (Don't let my fine girl diminish). I bought some weaves as well.

I will be getting dry goods on Saturday, Egusi, dry pepper etc. I have a thought on Palm Oil. (I will freeze it) What else? It's like my brain is operating in slow motion! I am tired.

On a random note, I went to Abuja yesterday for an assignment. I was exhausted, as I finally boarded the plane to go back to Lagos, I was dozing away before take off when the guy that sat beside me asked me if I was that tired. (I was thinking duh, if I wasn't, would I be sleeping?)

Then he proceeded to apologize to me for not saying hello when he boarded. (Guy, do I know you, or dem send you come? I will not let you ruin my fast). He then decided to show off as a Barrister. (Why do lawyers do this? Am supposed to be impressed or something?) I am one myself but I don't think I let everyone I meet know that fact. People always want free legal advice! :D

He tried to torment my peaceful existence by trying to make small talk. Why do people disturb other passengers? I had a good mind to change my seat since the plane wasn't full. I just ignored him and pretended to sleep. He didn't even allow me meditate religiously, he was making conversation in his loud 'barrister' voice to people across the aisle. Was I glad to get off the plane!

Please, my Obodo Oyinbo bloggers let me know what else I should bring o! Enjoy the rest of the week people.

P.S. I still don't know which to choose between Kinky and normal braids. Any thoughts?


BSNC said...

you should carry egusi, ogbono, crayfish, snail, dry fish, know cube, curry, garri, small periwinkle( didn't spell it well), gala( to snack on), INDOMIE (yum yum...lol)

Anonymous said...

everything BSNC said!
oh and goodluck!!!
What school are you going?

LG said...

Swerri i no want u to go jo, i ll miss u

LusciousRon said...

BSNC: Thanks dear. i have some of that on my list. I will include the curry et al.

Temite: Thank you. How are you doing? University of Dunde.

LG: I go miss you too! But we will be jamming here as usual.

Myne Whitman said...

I lived in Edinburgh before I moved stateside but I don't know much about Dundee. It's a small city, gets really cold in winter, so carry any warm clothes you have, hot bottle etc. If you don't have already, no carry the load. Wait till you get there and buy

There are not a lot of Africans though most schools in Scotland have a good number of naija peeps. e ready to be friendly, you might find girls who sabi make hair. If not hold your kudi. Make tiny braids from naija not afro kinky, the weather will dry that out. Your wig plenty oo, but thats the sense. Carry some attachment too and weavon.

If you like naija food, carry all the dry stuff you can; just wrap them well. If not save your money, food in obodo oyibo is expensive.

Scotland is a lovely country, don't wrap yourself in one place. Travel, make scottish friends, try haggis, ale and whisky. Just live.

All the best girl. You can tell I'm missing it bah?

TRYBES said...

wow..can see someone is real excited..and lucky you! you finally got your way out of those cheats..

Think your ladies already told you waht you need..nice one..

Best wishes in your sojourn out here..


i would say do afro kinky, it lasts longer, but ask them to make it tiny and long so u dont have to lhave it on ur face all d time.... and u need to oil it every now and then cos dundee weather no be joke o. kinky can last up to 4 or 5 months depending on how u take care of it. and u can wash it as well dats d beauty

please indomie is a MUST!! and take some groundnuts too, comes in handy for days when u feel like just garri..

Omotee! said...

babe i go miss u o! and thanx for that amala on thursday (i know, ma binu).

carry garri and indomie and groundnut!

LusciousRon said...

Myne: Thank you that was so helpful! I can see you miss the place. I love exploring so I should be trying the cuisine et al. Everyone keeps telling me not to start drinking o! But I will try the ale.

I am still torn between regular braids and Kinky.

Trybes: Yeah my girls have got my back. :) thanks, One one hand I am excited, on the other I will miss my fams! I love travelling so Scotland should be fun.

36: Thank you :). Indomie is a must. I forgot groundnut, its going on the list now! I am torn between the two braids o! I also have to look at the practicality of removing it.

Omotee: No remind me say I dey go. It is staring me in the face. I will kilishi and shangaliku yougurt plus amala. Chei! You are welcome.

Anonymous said...

My aunt goes to school in Aberdeen... Scotland is on my list of places to visit. Whenever I'm home in 9ja, the one thing I think to stock up with is attachment for braids and stuff. You said you got wigs/weaves right? Wise investment... Have a safe trip!


Got to admit some of us legal folks take being in the field way too far.

Anyway, as for things you need. Its at times like this I wish Last King of Scotland was still blogging. The guy lived there and could have been of some help. Careful with you Palm Oil, in case it is confiscated at the airport. Take cooking essentials that are dry for sure. Any snacks you might need as well like chin chin.Not sure where in Scot you will be but you will likely run into Africans, if not Naija folks and they will give you info.

Best of luck oh!!!

Ms. 'dufa said...

It has all been said! Don't forget any of it o. Make a list.

I think afro kinky would last longer and look better over time.

Nefertiti said...

awww gonna miss you, babes. I know I keep disappearing on you, but I don't love you any less. Omo cold go waiya you for that place o. Never been there, but I heard the place is like wicked cold. Try do the fine babe still though ;)

Have fun, mama@

Anonymous said...

normal braids last longer...and dont freeze ur palm oil...it doesnt spoil for long anyway,so just leave it.

Lolia said...

Do afro kinky =)

And yayy that you have a place to stay now..

I'm going to be in Scotland for a bit soon...going to visit a friend at St. Andrews..

And I never really bring anything like that when I'm coming from naij oh...Just hair {attachment, weaves, etc} because it's so much cheaper in naij :)

What are you going for? A masters?

And when does school start? I'm sure you'll love it...Or maybe not...people think I'm crazy because I like school so much =)

~Sirius~ said...

You scammed the scammers abi.

All the best.
BSNC's list is on point.

And Good Luck with settling down.

Buttercup said...

Glad you've sorted everything out. Go for afro kinky. 6 wigs..way to go! I hate talkative, interfering passengers..argh!

Original Mgbeke said...

Awwwww, safe journey my sister. Hmmm I'd say normal braids sha. Every time I have done the micro braids I carried them for like 2-3 months...I dey wash am sha.
Ok you have your food stuff..Check.
Someone mentioned Indomie, that is good. You go need am.

If you were living in Aberdeen, i would have gotten info from my sister. Plenty Naija peeps dey Aberdeen. I don't know about Dundee.

Good luck with school, do keep us posted.

Nice Anon said...

LOL Dundee huh? I have been to that part too. Boring and nothing to do there but Edinburgh has some African stores you can check out. Carry what you can jare.. plenty naija food dey there