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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Plead Exhaustion!

I am sorry I have not been leaving comments on blogs. I have been too tired.

Secret Diary I will nominate you for that award on Naija blogger's award!

I was ill over the weekend. Had the mother of tummy aches I didn't even realize it was Aunt Flo 'cos I wasn't expecting it for another week at least. Talk about surprises, nothing worked ( I took 2 tylenol 500mg and paracetamol fast action 4 hrs later) and I was in excruciating pain, which led to a severe headache and some throwing up all in all, not a good weekend. Finally got my groove back Monday evening.
It totally ruined all my plans.

My things have been transferred to Lagos I am leaving on Friday. I am not looking forward to unpacking all those boxes at all. But I have to. Work starts on Monday.

Went to the Parade Ground in preparation for passing out tomorrow, as usual naija style plenty sun, endless queues and enough suffering before someone high up decides to attend to the minions. I am really tired and to think we still have to go through the same routine tomorrow to collect the certificates.

I still have last minute packing to do and a few people to say my goodbyes to.
My friends are having a mini send-forth party for me tomorrow evening. My sister is around too. She is supposed to help my transition back to Lagos easier by helping me carry a box or two. What did she do? She brought more luggage from Lagos saying she didn't want to borrow anything from my wardrobe so she is effectively no use to me in that department. I have put her to other good uses sha. She actually complained that I am treating her like my Personal Assistant! What can I say? I can be a diva.
I had a good laugh on that one.

So I may not be here for a while as I will be unpacking and getting settled in the job. I will be reading posts maybe not leave comments but I got nothing but love for y'all. I hope I won't be too tired with all the things I have left to do.

I should stop here my eyes are droopy and my back aches. I have been drinking water by the gazillion since I started going to that parade ground. There is something in the air that just saps all my energy and the heat isn't helping. Its so hot in Abuja, I wonder what is happening to people in Maiduguri, Sokoto and the other Northern States.

P.S. I have sent in my nominees for the Blogger's award. I followed the link on Vera's page. Sting, Buttercup and others please note.


bumight said...



Buttercup said...

bumight darling, u havent come back yet, so technically, me is FISRTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! :D

@ lusciousron..sowee u were ill..aunty flo cud be such a female dog sometimes..

i just keep getting more n more discouraged to serve!

all the best with ur move..i hope u get ur strength back soon..enjoy ur party..mwah!

bumight said...

i thought u already moved to lagos. hope u have a smooth transition!

buttercup, just accept ur second prize and be happy with it! lol


so sorry you are ill. Have fun at the send off party though!

OluwaDee said...

I envy you right now; well only the NYSC completion part.

Sorry bout the cramps 4rm Aunty Flow.

Hope you settle in well.

LG said...

aww dearie congrats, so na u go dey tell pple say.....when i was a corper :)'
no mind aunty flo jare, dat woman need to go on suspension, u nor tink so?? :)

all d best

fantasy queen said...

congrats u're done servin ur motherland...a couple of friends went for their certificates today and all i could was sulk,i'm so envious of y'all. 5 more months and i'm done *sigh*

i hate to unpack...goodluck with that.

Afrobabe said...

Gosh I hate packing and unpacking...have a nice transition to lag babes and dont forget us...

send some of the money you will be earning over...

Anonymous said...

aww packing is so much fun. I love it and no I am not being sarcastic. GOOD luck on the job and settling in. Sorry about Aunty FLO. XOXO and we will all be waiting for you.

Omotee! said...

Sorry babes, meant to call but guess what? i was discharged from the hospital last night, yep! typhoid and all the works, didnt even have symptoms, i mean, i was as strong as a horse monday evening!

pele dia, will really really miss u here, sob sob....

Nefertiti said...

Eiyah, sorry LR. Enjoy the new job! We will miss u on here, dear!

Smaragd said...

pele dear, arent u just the lucky one? a job ryt after NYSC? believe me though, u'ld wish u'd taken a month or at least two weeks to rest later!

welcome back to lag and good luck settling in.

bArOquE said...

aaah...congrats on being a bonafide working class citizen of the federal republic, & on starting work on Monday...i dont envy your lack of chilling time sha...kisses...ciao

Writefreak said...

Sorry about Aunt flo, she can be a right pain in the neck!

All the best with your new job and living in Lagos!

bArOquE said...

...hope you have a great first day at work