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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Locked in!

Sorry everyone for my last post it was way too long.
Everyone who read it deserves an award for their patience!

Woke up today after a blissful night rest. Saw my dad and my cousin to the door on their way to work, went back to the book I was reading before I fell asllep yesterday and forgot all else.

Got up around 11:30 to make breakfast. I ate and thought to myself should I take a bath now, I said hmmn No maybe later, so I continued with my book.

I finished it and went to get another.

After reading for a while, I dozed off, then I heard someone knocking, I wondered who it could be no one knows I am home, sure my car is outside but hey I am not expecting visitors. It turned out to be the gateman with some clothes he picked off the line. I mumbled my thanks and dumped the clothes.

My sleep addled brain proceeds to lock the door without removing the key and I slammed my room door because it was creaking earlier and I didn't want it to further interrupt my sleep so I lay back down and doze for all of 5 mins and woke up with a start.

Oh NO!

The door was jammed! The front door is locked and my key is hanging from it. No one can enter with a spare key to break me out. The door opens inwards so I couldn't break it.

I thought about what to do but it was 1:30 and no one would be home for hours so why worry now when I can worry later right? Wrong!

I called my cousin and told him what has happened, he promised to be home early.

I practically live in my room so I have everything I could ever need. I couldn't watch TV because PHCN is 'holding' electricity. With nothing to do except maybe read, I slept off. I had a good nap actually. I figured maybe when I wake up I will have a better chance at opening the door.

Woke up 2hrs later still nothing. Then I tried to pry the door open with all kinds of tools I could lay my hands on but no luck I sustained all kinds of knicks and scrapes mainly on my knuckles. It hurts so I stopped.

Its 5:00. Dad might leave the office early. Best call him and apprise him of the situation before he gets home. He has zero patience. The running joke is he wasn't around when it was being shared plus if it was on sale at a bonus he would drive past it!

He said I should have called him sooner at least he would have sent someone home to help me. Had I eaten? etc.

I wasn't panicked but I was still locked in the house and I had this overpowering need to leave my room. On normal days I could stay in my room for days, I only venture out to cook or say hello to my dad or cousin or just sit with him. No such thing today.

5:45, Dad's driver came, knocked on my window which I opened and gave me a crowbar, I tried with him giving directions on all sorts of tricks. It didn't work I only succeeded in bumping my head against the wall rather hard while trying to force the bar in, it snapped back and I now have a bump on my right eyebrow hurts like hell. With my other scrapes which were now bleeding anew.

I told him to wait for my cousin he had this idea of climbing through the ceiling and coming in. My father said he could get electrocuted with all the wires and we should forget it. Get a welder and a carpenter!

He came home at 6:30 got a saw and cut out the burglary proof bars on the sitting room window. Got one of the gateman's kids in to remove my key from the door, then he inserted his key and they were in!

After a lot of prying, heavy pushing, shoulder butting et al I hear the wood begin to splinter, it finally gave way and I was free!

All is back to normal now and I can leave my room whenever I want. It just brought to light how much I cherish my freedom. We don't know what we have until it is taken away.


Anonymous said...

pele dear o. I hope you are feeling much better. It is well love, it is well.

bumight said...

you're very lucky. im veeery claustrophobic! i would have died!

LG said...

aww pele dear' hope u applied spirit abi na iodine (na dat ones wey i sabi)on the cuts ' pele n thank God it wasnt too serious

Buttercup said...

wow...so not cool! thank God u got out eventually...damn...soweeee hon! *hugs*

LusciousRon said...

Temite: Thank you darling I am much better just getting used to my peeps calling me prisoner!

Bumight: Thank God I am not claustrophobic I would have gone round the bender.

LG: I am scared of those things. Thank you, they are kinda healing nicely I am on the orange/Vit-c diet.

Buttercup: Oh thank you so much dear. I feel them hugs.

OluwaDee said...

sorry love.

hope your elbows dont hurt much.

Omotee! said...

i locked myself in the bathroom when i was 5 or 6 yrs old and since then, the thot of jam keys or bad locks scare me to death.

pele dear. popc shouldnt have worried about u being hungry, the Luscious i know has plenty of biscuit in her room!

ibiluv said...

i live in my room too but being locked in would have brought on my claustrophobic tendencies.....i would have gone crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lucky me, my windows open on the inside so if anything ever happened to the door i'll crawl outta the window

pele about ya scrapes!!!!!!!!!!!

Uzezi said...

thats is an experience i dont want at all.

Parakeet said...

Eeya, ndo o. I dont like to be locked up and lifts are a bog no no to me.

Vera Ezimora said...

Can you tell me why you have not updated your blog? U go wound ooo!

LusciousRon said...

Sorry y'all packing is a bitch!

Jaguda said...

glad to know u r much better

Smaragd said...

o ga o, pele.

has everything been repaired now? i love my room too, but i wouldnt want to NOT be able to get out of it at will! lol

Afrobabe said...

wow, sorry dear...yeah its normal to feel claustophobic when you dont have a choice...

Afronuts said...

Wow! Now thats an experience with a thot-provoking lesson.
The value of ones freedom.
Thanks for sharing ron...made me realise more than usual

Writefreak said...

So sorry bout the injuries you had! Pele, hope you feel better now...

You know i sometimes wonder what it's like to be in prison...it won't be fun i know!


oh you poor thing. So Sorry. Thank goodness you don't suffer from claustrophobia. That would have been horrible!


Ermmm,... ur last post was too long. i read it but i still till this day have not received my award. na waaaaaaa for you and your promises.... plz send me my award, fast.

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