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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Experience so far

Thank you all for your comments, really you guys are the best! Sorry I couldn’t reply all. Work isn't bad. My weekend was spent unpacking. I knew it would be hectic and I was prepared but I wasn’t ready for the standing and bending that goes with it.

Traffic isn’t as bad as I thought. I leave early. My sister got a job too! We both resumed on Monday. It’s a lucky thing her office isn’t too far from mine. I drop her in the mornings and she comes to meet me at the close of work. She closes 30 minutes before I do.

I missed a turning after dropping her off on the first day and got stuck in Isale-eko traffic with the rain, I was so mad but I kept asking people and they directed me so I found my way back but i was a bit late. Lucky for me everyone was late because of the rain.

I can blog at work on my laptop at my free moments. If I don’t use my assigned desk top I am home free I guess. I am typing this while preparing for a board meeting. Imagine?

My send forth party was cool. I had so much to drink. Thank God my sis was there. She kept adding ice to my drink to dilute the stuff. I still had to drive home.
We got home without incident though except I was laughing like an idiot and I kept playing with the police men at all the check points.

I tumbled into bed. I slept for for like 5 mins before I started throwing up, I mean it was crazy. My sis said I was just speaking grammar for her. I remember some of it.

I was so dizzy the following morning, thank God the flight was smooth. I was as weak as a kitten.
Got home like 11:30 to find my cousin had gone to school and We had to stay outside with all the boxes at the gate like evicted tenants for more than 2 hrs before he came. I was livid but too weak to do anything about it.

I pitied my sis whom had to go look for him in school and finally went to my mum’s office to collect the key when she didn’t find my cousin.

I admit I need rest but I haven’t been going to work since middle of January so I think I rested well then. Sitting home for me is not an option, my brain will turn to mush if not activated. Mucho gracias to you all. I couldn’t stay away. I will set this to auto post. What have I missed on blogsville? Oblige me please. Have a great day everyone.

That was yesterday, one of the meetings was kind of volatile. I learnt a lesson though- eat before any meeting, you never know when it might end. Woke up 15 min late today I was almost in a panic but surprisingly there was no traffic! I kept glancing at directions to make sure I was on the correct route.

Work isn't bad. I get to do the kind of work I am suited to. I am yet to see the Partners I hear they are away. The co-workers are very friendly( no monsters yet) Ok people got to go. Have a blessed week.


Vera Ezimora said...


Vera Ezimora said...

Babe, I'm jealous of your job. Dash me now.

LOL @ throwing up. Don't be drinking more than u can handle ooo.

By the way, what do u think about being the lawyer for my Spongebob Cause? *wink*

miz-cynic said...

like the part of no monsters ...yet!they are only welcoming u

mizchif said...

Good to hear work is great so far.

LMAO @ ur drunken grammar. My own fone is automatic once i've had too much to drink. Lucky u had a chaperone tho.

Lets hope the monsters never show up.

All the best!

Nefertiti said...

Vera, what are u doing up @ 5 in the morning?

Babes, abeg dey shayo small small o. I'm scared of the dark.

All the best at your new job! May the monsters never rear their ugly heads. Make sure you make a sound impression on the partners o.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are having fun. I just know you are going to KICK ass at work. I beg may the mosters never never find you. XOXO. and go easy on the alcohol boo. Goodluck with everything and we will be right here cheering you on.

Buttercup said...

another reason why im grateful i dont drink alcohol..lol..

glad everything is going ok so far..and thank God ur sis got a job too!

Zena said...

And may God never send them your way...the monsters that is.

I'm glad you're good and thanks for checking up on me

Anonymous said...

eknor that's Ronke backward abi?
first time on your blog and i like you already! :-)

LusciousRon said...

Vera: How did you do it? First? Ok expect my official email on the sponge bob issue. We won't take any discrimination! Allow me enjoy the work first na. if I don't likeit anymore I go dash you.

Miz-cynic: Hope they never rear their ugly heads.

Mizchif: Thank u babes. She is a great chaperon too.

Neffie: Amen o! I will try my hardest I like this job. I won't be drinking anytime soon. That night made me question my drinking ability because I never had a problem before.

Temite: Thank you jare. With you behind me I can do anything and I will try not to dissappoint you guys.

Buttercup: You ain't missing anything on the alcohol that is. Thanks.

Zena: Amen and you are welcome.

Pink Satin: Yep. Glad you like me.

bArOquE said...

i like it when people enjoy their jobs, because most times, i dont enjoy mine...LOL@you speaking grammar when you were throwing up...exact same thing happened to my friend on my last bday, only that the throwing up started in my car...hehehe...holla your partners for me, tell them Chief.Baroque says hi

Afrobabe said...

Mehn ur job sounds good oh..

dont play with naija police oh..the only joke they get is the one one naira notes...

LusciousRon said...

Baroque: Sorry about your car. I will say hello to the partners when I see them.

Afro: No mind me jare. It was the drink doing the playing.

Parakeet said...

Aww dear Luscious, good thing things are not so bad and u settling into your new life quite well. Maybe having a new life soon myself. Am keeping my fingers crossed.

theicequeen said...

lol @ like evicted tenants..i can imagine!

all the best at your new job, and no worries, there will be no monsters lol...

lol @ speakin fone too....you should be thankful that it's not warri grade pidgin, abi?