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Monday, June 20, 2011

Hello... Goodbye

I don not feel exactly bad that it has been eons since I last put up a post. It used to bug me in the early days, but I have since let go of that guilt! Not to say I haven't missed all you wonderful people, I have but events in my life have overtaken the need to blog.

My wonderful beautiful friend Omotee is tying the knot in a few weeks! Need I say that I am ready to rock that party! I am so glad and happy for her. She deserves all these good things. Some of us know her journey to finding love and to be here when it has happened is just amazing!

My last post highlighted my jobless status. I accepted an offer two months after that. I can't say I love my job but there is a satisfaction in having a place to go in the morning and receiving that bank alert at the end of the month that your salary has been paid :D

The job is stressful walahi! I leave home everyday at 6.30am. Get to work 7.30-7.45, on hellish days at past eight! Blame VI traffic. Utterly annoying. Then I close anytime between 8 and 9pm! I swear I have seen red. There were days I would be on my way out, actually driving home when the dreaded call would come that I should come back because there is an urgent mail yet to be sent or replied! Some of my colleagues sleep over on occasion. I have said I wouldn't complain about the job so I will stop here before I have a full rant!

On a personal note, I am in a very happy place, not to say I don't have my low moments buy hey that's just life. I am good and making the best of what I have.
I have missed this space. I hope I will have the urge to blog again soon. This was totally spontaneous! I laugh at my colleagues when all they want to do is blog, well been there, done that.

I have weddings from next weekend till the end of July! Talk about Gbese and stress. My weekends have been over-crowded of late and I know there is no rest until the very last weekend in July if nothing comes up. I am so looking forward to a weekend that will be spent doing nothing but staying in bed. I am so going to plan it. I will load up on fruits, juice, maybe a bottle of vodka and some cheese and crackers! I will not drive and will definitely switch off my phones. I hope I can achieve this solo weekend thing.

Forgive the lack of structure, I think I will adopt it as my new style. Have a blissful week everyone.



Madame Sting said...

nice to hear from u. Enjoy ur wedding weekends :)

Myne Whitman said...

It's really been a while, and it's great to hear you have a job. No stress o.

And I'm so happy for Omotee! Enjoy your summer.

LG said...

awww welcome back dearie but i get job 4 you, make sure Omotee dances very well o :)

LusciousRon said...

Madame Sting: I intend to, although I see a lot of Tylenol in my immediate future!

Myne: Thank you so much. I shall enjoy our flood/rainy season (summer)!

LG: I shall carry out your instructions to a tee!

Rita said...

Real long time. Thank God for the job though I cannot imagine the stress with the early morning wakings and night journeys home. Anyway, we thank God that there is something to keep you and the account busy :-) pending a better job.

Enjoy your forthcoming weddings, have fun.

@ilola said...

Welcome back. Please come more regularly though I am new to your site.
I feel you on the job stress/traffic thing. I am also in your shoes.

First time here and following.
Please check out my blog at atilola.blogspot.com