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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The grass isn't always greener

Thank you all for your comments on my last post.
I was in Ghana over the weekend for a wedding. I was very excited about that trip because I am jobless, single and love to travel :D.
So, we took off early landed in Accra and headed to our destination. Forget all the Nigerian Banks advert about their 'Visa' cards and 'Mastercard' working everywhere! Shame really. Thank God I had Naira and Dollar back up. It would have been a major disaster. And Airtel does not work! All that story about wider coverage and One network across Africa is hogwash. Apparently, you have to set up the roaming service before you leave your country.

The wedding itself was very simple and lovely. The bride's mother puts the crown on her daughter's head. There is no traditional ceremony. It was we the Nigerians that had the gele etc. Everyone else was simply dressed, we stuck out like a sore thumb! But it was fun.

We managed some shopping, plenty in fact, cosmetics is much cheaper. Went clubbing on Saturday night, not the nest night to do that as the club night is Friday but it was ok. We went to about 4 before landing at Aphrodisiac. No cameras allowed. I love the decor, spacious dance floors, beautiful pin dot lights and we saw Majid Michel.
There is a club called Papazz where the decor is all about Moet & Chandon.

My friend and I call Ghana, 'Booty Central'. There is booty everywhere and they show it, as in. Tight short gowns with slits everywhere! I say that literally.

I say the grass isn't greener because I hear a lot of complaint about Lagos traffic etc. Forget it. Traffic in Ghana is also bad, this is my second trip. Almost missed my return flight because of it. Every city has traffic, lots of it, just go out at rush hour!

Have a nice week.


Berry said...

Amazing! Ghana has traffic??!!
Airtel doesn't work??
Just when I thought we were no match for them!


Omotee! said...

Boy i like all the bad news of ghana, hehehehe. havent been there and they make it sound like its London, lol.

glad u had fun. oya, pictures u promised nko?

Natural Nigerian said...

I am sorry that you did not have a totally good experience in Ghana. I just got in there this morning and my Airtel line is working. It didn't at first but it righted itself after a few hours.

Thanks for the tip on the traffic. I will plan around it.

BSNC said...

hahaha@ booty central. I can tell from their movies. At least you enjoyed the wedding.

Myne Whitman said...

LOL @Booty Central, Nigerians have too but I guess because of church tight skirts and gowns are not so popular.

I'll like to visit Ghana one day.

Rita said...

You must be having fun! Enjoy all of it because when you settle down, you may not have such luxury...

Ah! It is not that bad. In Ghana my airtel was working (didnt have to roam). I have experienced the traffic in Ghana. I think it is because it is fast growing (lots of oil and gas companies, banks and IT companies setting up there) and they did not think Ghana would grow as fast.

As for the visa/mastercard, the GTB Mastercards I have haven't disappointed me for one day...are you using them?

Happy New Year...

ibiluv said...

had no idea Ghana has traffic

about it being booty central?

verrrrryyy true.....

ManCee said...

Seriously ghana has obscenely curvy females.
Thankfully, their faces are 'hugly'. :D

Naija babe anyday meen!