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Thursday, November 11, 2010

This country of mine!

Hope everyone is doing great. My internet or my computer has been misbehaving, I could read post but was unable to leave comments. I discovered it was my computer, I have deleted all my cookies but yet to check the result, I am back on my old lappy.

I went to Cotonou last Saturday. Nigerian immigration officials are some of the most corrupt people ever! I was watching this freaking eejit demand for 9k to stamp our 'virgin' passports! Our crime? We wanted to do the right thing by stamping when we could have walked past the border gates simply or taken the car and paid 500naira! We wanted to take car. The virgin part was that we had never taken that route!

We were so miffed, I was dangerously quiet and my sister let it rip! They were so galled they went the 'we are not your mate route' and can you speak to your husband like that? My sister God bless that girl, promptly replied that if they had treated her like their daughter, she would have spoken to them like her father! EOD (End of Discussion) We finally got out of there, parked our car and hired a vehicle to take us there. We went through Ogun state, the state of our borders is laughable!

We left home at 5.30 in the morning, our drive to Otta-Idiroko-Igolo was pleasurable until we met those froggy looking immigration men. It is such a shame. They had this ridiculous pot bellies and I was very ashamed to share citizenship with these people.

The trip was fun and the journey back was terrible. Traffic on that Otta road was appalling! We got to the border at 4.30 and from Otta to the toll gate we spent 4hrs! Gbenga Daniel or whoever takes over from him needs to do something. We got back to my sister's house. Her husband drove, I was so tired, I was tempted to crash in their house! But I had to drive back home, Thank God I got home safely, my Dad waited up as usual. That is a road trip we will not be repeating in a while.

Next week is my graduation. Should be fun. So I ordered new boots for myself and Mumsie from ebay only to have my account blocked! I accessed my account from Nigeria! I was so miffed. After about 6hrs on their help line verifying my account etc I got the issue resolved. Nigeria needs a miracle seriously!

I will miss Sallah second time in a row. Not happy about it but grad preps have been in the works for ages. It's a shame they coincided. The funny thing is my parents are coming too and they will miss Sallah for the first time ever! The running joke in the house is that they should call all their regular guests that they won't be coming this year. I can imagine the number of people that throng our house in Ibadan for the festivities, the disappointment chei!

I wish NLC had not called off the strike. I want to see what the current President can do :D. Have a great weekend everyone.


LG said...


babes me too o, i was njoying d strike sha :)

LG said...

btw are u a christian?

2cute4u said...

Congrats on you graduation..

leggy said...

i hope you had fun sha despite the whole stupid immigration officers. i hate the whole 'will you talk to your father like that'?ummm...my father would never be this stupid.
i remember oneday someone asked my mum if she would talk to her husband like that and my mum said ' her husband was too much of a gentleman to be acting stupidly like they were doing'.

i dont get the nigeria needs a miracle ish on the ebay, every site blocks your account if you access it from a new place..i once accessed my facebook in an apple store just a couple of miles from my house and it was blocked and i had to verify certain things before it would let me sign in again.
and this is me assuming that you used to access it from elsewhere.

Chic Therapy said...

"if they had treated her like their daughter, she would have spoken to them like her father" Correct!!Useless people

congrats on your graduation

LusciousRon said...

LG, you are always first these days! I am a Muslim.
2cute4u, thanks!
Leggy, we had fun thanks. I have accessed my eBay account from France and other places and I never had a problem, d guy who verified d account said some countries raise their security alarm! I was very vexed.
Chic therapy, abi o. Thanks for d wishes.

Myne Whitman said...

That border issue is very discouraging, I was hoping to do some Ghana runs, too bad.

Enjoy your graduation jare, you can do sallah some other time.

Omotee! said...

I hate when anyone throws the "will u talk to ur father that way"line, its absolutely annoying and its always my cue to insult them.

sorry about the trip. pele