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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Que sera

Hello everyone. I trust you are all doing well. I have been fine and doing good. Life hasn't changed much. Lagos is still what it is. This post will be random. More like grouses :D

Is it just me or does anyone think it's weird that MTN wants to give away an airplane? Instead of improving on their service delivery, they have devised a way to make us forget that their service is crappy. I am sad for our nation and our wanton consumerism attitude. In any sane country, would anyone be giving away an airplane? Like really. Smh.

There are so many online outlets in Nigeria now. I haven't had any bad experience with them, although, I know people who have. Late delivery or mixed up orders. Naija, we hardly ever get things right. I was on one of the sites and the prices were craay! I mean, my office is on Lagos Island, so I took a stroll to the market to compare some of the prices. Suffice to say, I will still be heading to the market, thank you very much. Even for the imported things, I will rather pay the shipping cost, because the savings are worth it.

This is an aside and I normally don't care what other people do but I sometimes wonder. So, my friend's brother whom I have known for more than 10 years recently got married. He was dating a particular girl whom I have known for as long as he. They were practically inseparable then. I know the girl has issues and so does he, in fact I thought they matched perfectly until they broke up sometime ago. Now the guy is married to someone else. I wish him a lot of happiness but I wonder whether all those years were wasted. I mean you have spent the better part of a decade with someone and then you break up. Why? Ah well.

There was a time in my life that I didn't like kids. But today, I still can't say I am crazy about them but I am much more accommodating. I think since I learnt my sister was pregs, I have been fascinated. Now, my niece will be one next month and its been a beautiful journey. I love that girl to pieces. She is quite a little madam, independent and I suspect she will be as naughty as her mother was!

Why do okada riders derive perverse pleasure in scratching people's cars? I also noticed that most men in Nigeria dislike progressive women (notice I didn't say successful women). They see you behind a wheel, they start calling you names. I was along the Marina axis one day and this 'keke marwa' (those tricycles), pulled up alongside and tried to squeeze his way past. When I wouldn't move into another lane so it could pass, the driver (can I even call him that?!) and the male passengers started their insults. I have since adopted the attitude of "that's why they are not/won't be successful, because they are too bitter". Choi. I have noticed this attitude at work even. Na wah.

On a lighter note, where are these bloggers? SolomonSydelle, Temite, Nefertiti etc.


mizchif said...

I actually get very upset anytime that MTN ad comes on, at first i hoped it was a joke. Like who at mtn okayed such? So stupid and disrespectful, i would pay more if they would only improve their shitty and sometimes non existent service. I'm already getting heated just thinking about it.

Oh i work on lagos Island too :D

Myne Whitman said...

Long time, how you dey?

So that airplane thing is real? Na wa o...

Parakeet said...

I did see a poster for the MTN advert but put it down as a scam...I cant believe it was for real.

As for many Naija men not liking progressive women, I totally agree .