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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Observations... or Errr

So, how is the week coming along? How was the Valentine weekend? Hope everyone had a good time. I sure did. Thank you all for leaving a comment on my last post! I liked how Parakeet said there is no pressure of 'first'! Hahaha, those times, when we used to rush to make the first comment on posts. Definitely no more pressure.

I was thinking about the things that I have observed over the past year and decided to post it. Warning, this post will tend to be random.

1. Since I turned 30, things have kinda changed, I will only mention body wise. I didn't give much thought to this until I read Isio's thoughts on it on BellaNaija. My hips have filled out. I was a little excited that finally, I have some curves! In the days when people are making millions off the fame of their butt, side eye to you know who. :D I have always been slim with a good sized chest. But, alas, no tush to go with it. Fast forward to turning 30, and things have rounded out nicely. Pun intended, LOL. I am still slim but with more curves. However, it is so pronounced, even my girlfriends are talking. Comments have ranged from, "your husband is doing a good job"; to "what have you been doing?" You know how Nigerians bring up body observations  at any opportunity (without thinking it's rude). I have no complaints and Hubby definitely likes it. I just need to watch it, 'cos I don't want it getting any bigger!

2. I get way too excited about food. When I talk about it, my face lights up and people ask me where all the food goes. I am on the small side of UK size 8. I wear US sizes 0 and 2. I don't care where the food goes, I just want to cook nice meals and bake yummy stuff. My current favourites are banana muffins. I make them every week now. And shout out to Dooney'skitchen. That girl gets my creative juice flowing.

3. I am obsessed with makeup. I am such a junky for makeup and beauty products. I have different makeup bags, filled to the brim with different pouches for different things, sorted viz: eyes, lips and face! Oh and I went natural, so I have all kinds of products for my hair. I also have several wigs for the very many days that my hair won't do what I want it to do. I just don't bother. I moisturise, plait it, wear my wigs and voila! Someone said, going natural will be cheaper, because you will make less visits to the salon. *Blank stare* wrong! Making wigs and those fancy natural hair products do not come cheap. With so many people hoarding shea butter, that stuff is getting expensive too.  

4. Am I the only one or are there more street sellers in Lagos? Like seriously, they are everywhere! I think it's sad and a reflection of how hard the economy is hitting people. I find myself buying things I don't need just to let them make a sale :(

5. I was gisting with a colleague recently about cabs and how I wouldn't take an unmarked one because of kidnappings. (I was supposed to pick someone along the way and she didn't come in time, so we left without her and she got a cab). Then, I remembered the rampant kidnappings during election times in years past. Who else remembers those times? When people went missing and body parts would be found and Newspapers would claim ritualists were at work etc. We had a good laugh and thanked God for a little enlightenment. Politicians don't do as much rituals anymore, instead, they are perfecting the act of rigging. Mehn, this country!

More things come to mind, but I gotta go.

Have a great week everyone!


ibiluv said...

curves are soooooooo in

i light up around food too and sadly it all goes to my gut-i need to redirect it to my ass

i'm not with you on the makeup craze

if i could, i would wear my face bare all day everyday

its sad that people have to trade on the streets-but i detest seeing street sellers

cos it just tells me there's traffic abound

rigging, mud slinging and character assassination is all they need to win elections now

oh i never take unmarked cabs too and i always send the cab's plates to at least 3 people...always...

Myne said...

Welcome back LR, I hardly share personal posts these days except on FB and Instagram. Congrats on your marriage and turning 30 and welcome back to Blogsville :)

mizchif said...

Some of us are looking for boobs.
And an American 0-2???
I have always been a make up head, but it's now an obsession. I hardly used to wear make up before i moved back to Lagos but now ehn? Don't try me (on the days when i'm in the mood) So ya, i need to raid your make up bag.

LusciousRon said...

Ibiluv: Say what? I only go completely bare faced in the house. A little lipstick and mascara is my go to "make up free"!

Myne: Thank you! Wish you still blogged personally :D

Mizchif: Hehehe, we should prolly go hang out at Sephora some day. I get chills when I walk past a make up store, cos I can't just walk in, I have to get something! I need rehab!